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Well Mountain Shopping Mall Rally

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Hi there....
Well I'm starting a new smallish rally layout, build from Scalextric Sports and Classic track.

Here is a little video of the prototype shopping mall, I'm gonna build the track as a football stadium with the carriers for each floor coming from the back so as not to interrupt the line of sight with pillars carrying the floor above.

One purpose of this build is to make it so that it can be assembled and disassembled fast.
3 floors and 3 bridges, when packed away I plan on storing it on the wall.

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you've got a seriously three dimensional brain to come up with that...fantastic of course, cant wait to see how you finish it off, how do the 2 wheel drive stuff get on with the steep ramps?
start with the underclass ghetto on the basement, up to the middle class wannabees and finally into the 3rd floor jet set hi flyers?
the game is in what layer do you fall off....or you reach the top and then woops right down to the bottom again...much like real life!
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rally its called a big flat spatula , you can get them from the construction shops, to do platerwalling joints you need to keep it as flat as poss so they use those tools they're about 25 cm wide
ah hah! a small glimpse of the pearly gates to heaven at the rich top floor, go on spill the beans....whats the master plan in the end!!!!!!
obviously you need to build a 1:32 scale shopping cart with the left overs from the stairs and your new found soldering ability...liking the white ness of the track..have you seen thisgti project site, all white and only 'puinctuated ' by cool me ideas for track number 1 when it gets redone!!

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hiya rusty!, great, i hoped there'd be more in store for the mall..(slight play on words there!!), and it seems you can't leaue anything alone for more than a week or two...liked the guitar plucking too, look up a friend' dusty stray' he plays similar stuff in holland.

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1 - 10 of 84 Posts
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