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Well Mountain Shopping Mall Rally

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Hi there....
Well I'm starting a new smallish rally layout, build from Scalextric Sports and Classic track.

Here is a little video of the prototype shopping mall, I'm gonna build the track as a football stadium with the carriers for each floor coming from the back so as not to interrupt the line of sight with pillars carrying the floor above.

One purpose of this build is to make it so that it can be assembled and disassembled fast.
3 floors and 3 bridges, when packed away I plan on storing it on the wall.

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Hi sig thanks for the tip on Dusty Stray, nice music I think. Occationally I write an acoustic piece but it's more of a time passing thing.
I'm really working left and right on my different tracks has another extension coming along on my mountain, and I need 3 different stages for the SCXCRP 2010

The last year or so I have been listening a lot to Hank Williams the third as the energy is really great. :)

New people on a shopping spree....

A Citroën DS at the checkpoint, the" Marshalls" always happy to break and arm if the drivers don't take to their instructions

The spectators watching the start.

Read More about it here:
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81 - 84 of 84 Posts
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