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Westleigh Motor Racing Circuit (Racing in a shed)

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Hi All,

It's been a while since I last posted anything here about my Westleigh circuit, so I think it's time to bring things up to date.

My main tracks have been in my shed which does cause some restrictions on what I can build and if you haven't seen my past efforts or need a refresher the links are here...

My first attempts using Ninco track

This was followed by my Artin based Rally in a Shed layout

The came my first try a the Westleigh layout using Jouef/Champion track

and then my Routed Westleigh Mk2

The photos have gone from all but the last post but at some point they will all be available on my website under the tracks menu.

Anyway a lot has happened since my last post, the routed track has gone, the shed has gone,there is a new shed and there will be a new track.

Over the next few days I intend to bring things up to date with the routed track and what lead to its demise and the demise of the shed.

I will also shoe you the new shed and my ideas for the new Westleigh Motor racing Circuit, which will for the time being be be plastic track not routed. Although I am leaving a quick and simple option back to a routed layout at some point.

To be Continued.......
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Hi All,

Ok so in my last Westleigh 2 up date I had finished my first area of scenery at the back of the short straight and one corner spectator area.


After this I continued along the back straight To cut down on the amount of paper mache I started with some wood quadrant


Then paper mache and plaster and brown paint


then some grass scatter and some static grass along the top


and finally some trees


Then I built up the next corner, this time using foam insulation as the base with a thin layer of paper mache then plaster. Again it was painted brown and the coated with assorted green scatter and just to ad some variation I also used some brown earth scatter to form some well trod patches and the some static grass and plastic fence posts


Then I found a Mitchelin Man, originally a key ring.


and the some spectators



This was as far as I got in 2014 before it became to cold to work in the shed.

More to come......
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Hi All,

Thanks SpeedyNH.

Anyway the next are I decided to work on was to be the pits area between the front and main straight, but then if found a small problem


Anyone who followed the original post, and has a good memory, or has re-read it will know that I had to re-route a lot of the inner lane.

Partly because as this was my first attempt I made a few mistakes


and partly because I got the lane spacing wrong


However it turned out that when I re-routed the inner lane I made the lane spacing to wide and did not leave enough space for the pit area


Although I could get the buildings in place there would be no room for pit crew and other items and and the cars would be running very close to the buildings and any cars parked in the pit lane.

This left me with three choices

1) move the pits

2) fill and re-rout the inner lane

3) replace the whole board.

As I didn't really have another suitable location for the pits option 1 was out. I did give option 3 a lot of thought as I could move both lanes and it would involve a lot less hard work but in the end I did,t want to have to rebuild the scenery, so this just left option 2. As it happened I still had lots of filler left over so I also decided to move the outer lane at the front as the cars didn't like the sharp turn at the end of the hairpin..




This is the old shed, how old I don't know as it was there when we moved in, well over 12 years old. The shed was 8' x 5' but always seemed smaller inside and it had been a long term plan to make the shed bigger by extending the front by another 3' to make it 8' x 8'. However when was removing the wiring under the track I found a large damp patch under the track. It turned out the the back of the shed had a large patch that was quite rotten. If I was going to extend the front of the shed I thought I might as well re-clad the whole shed. How ever when I worked out the cost, and I work at a builders merchant so get a discount I just didn't make any sense. So in the end I decided to get a new shed and go for an 8'x 8' (2.4 x 2.4 mtr) and due to costs settled on a metal shed.

When I ripped the the old shed down I found out why it seemed smaller in side, the whole shed had been rebuilt inside the original was like a shed inside a shed and I found out just how rotten it was...



and the end of the old shed...

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Having removed the old shed I found a new problem as the concrete base the shed was on was was below the surrounding area which was why I didn't know about the rotten floor seen I last post. Getting this filled and levelled proved a bit harder than it should have but finally I was ready to build the new shed.

One problem with all the metal sheds is that they are designed for storeage only and tend to be up to 1" (300mm) lower then a wood shed and the eves are open, this allows a lot of ventilation but is no good for a shed to build a track in. Anyway I had a plan....

First the shed was put on some sleepers to raise the height and to weight it down...


The open eaves where filler with expanding foam as can be seen in the above photo, but it soon became apparent why the shed has so much ventilation. The inside of the roof was covered in condensation all the time, just as well it had always been my intention to fully insulate the shed.

So first was the floor with 2" (50mm) foam insulation under chipboard flooring tghena sub frame for the walls filled with insulation and lined with OSB.


and the roof rafters were at just the right spacing to take cavity insulation jammed in between


and then lined with OSB


This left just one problem, the shed comes this two sliding door the aren't the best fit and it also means I couldn't insulate the front wall. So I made a wooden door and in fill panel to replace them




The front of the shed was the insulated as was the door and then after being treated a coat of green paint


The all was given two coats of white emulsion paint



And a bit of motoring decoration
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Originally I had intended to build a Classic 60's Scalextric layout and to this end I had collected a large amount of track, accessories and buildings but earlier this year I bought a vintage Airfix set and was reminded how better the Airfix track is so the choice was made the track would be Airfix. But first I needed a table area to build it on.

The only way to get a reasonable layout in the shed was to go for an 'L' shape table. This would give me a main board of 2260 x 1200mm and a leg of 1035 x 800mm.

So time to build a frame work, I had build suitable timber in the wall sub frame to fix the back rails to. The frame was made from 2 x 1 (25 x 50) timber all screwed together, I only used planed timer for the front rails the rest being sawn timber to save on cost and as I already had lots of this that I had bought when I was going to repair the old shed.




Then 9mm MDF painted on all surfaces


The boards haven't been fix at this point, and then a coat of grey paint


At this point I wasn't ready to put the extension board in place so I built a small Airfix set up that I had just aquired


with a few extra bits to fill the board, then I added a bit more track to it



I did nothing to the track, apart from replacing a few missing connectors, just put it together added power and it worked first time.

Ok I did do a small cheat as the track that came with the MR205 Monte Carlo set all the steel rails so I build the layout using some of the track I already had which has the Phosphor Bronze rails, I did have to use 3 pieces from the set being the power straight and the two 22.5 deg bends, also the hump back bridge has the still rails. I also left out the lap counter as they are so loud.
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Now I'm jealous, I've tried and failed for many years to get the Airfix Monte Carlo set.
When I came out in the '60s, I'd already got a Scalextric set so wasn't allowed one.
One day..........

I was in a similar situation to Simon. I would have preferred an Airfix set when I was a bairn, but my parents (probably mother because father was useless) got Scalextric. These days, I just paint my Scalextric track grey.
Hi all,

So time to bring things up to date a bit.

So I got the side board in place to complete the 'L' shaped table.


With the table complete the Monte Carlo set was dismantled and it was time to build a full layout. As I said earlier I was going to build a Scalextric layout in classic 1960's format and had bought a fair amount of tracks and accessories. Only problem being that I I stopped buying track before I had a good selection of bends but lots of straights.

So I knocked up a quick layout the main thing being to include all the special track sections I had




As can be seen in the first photo I have put a couple of shelves up over the extension board, the top one is to hold the garden vac but the smaller lower shelf is to hold the power supplies for the track. This meant I had to move the brown shelf unit down the wall and the had to move signs both to the rear wall as photo two.

After using the track for a while a couple of problems came to light, the first was the the long chicane at the back of the track..


has a few connection and track condition problems so some cars run fine on it, mainly my newer Scalextric cars, but a lot loose power at the end of the first section of the chicane and again at the end of the last section. This showed up a second problem that the entrance building was in the way when reaching over the track..



So I needed to move the entrance building and this meant changing one corner of the layout..

This was the original corner..


With a Scalextric Marshall Hut and one of the original rubber Scalextric straw safety barriers and an Airfix figure

and the new corner layout..


With the marshals hit moved to the back corner, you can also see the Scalextric Refreshments Hut, TV Tower and Kit build Grandstand. Also in this photo are a selection of Scalextric and Airfix figures. As you can see I am also using the original Plexitrack barriers and the picket fence and gate seen with the entrance building in it's original position has been moved behind the TV Tower.


The entrance building has now been moved to the corner where the marshalls hut was.

As you may have noticed I have a lot of the early green Scalextric boarders and have them around most of the track. You can also see in some of the above photos some of the original Scalextric clip on picket fencing barrier which I have attached to the boarders using Airfix track clips.

This brings the track build almost up to date the only change being that due to the power problems I have removed the long chicane from the back of the tack and replaced a half straight also at the back of the track with a cleaner one.

One probelm I have found is that the early Airfix cars with the double pin guide do not like running on the Scalextric track and tend to get stuck in the R1 bends even in the outer lane. this could be because the Scalextric rails tend to buckle and I've had to straighten a couple of rails in straight track, so the life of the track will be very limited.

I just need to start cleaning up my Airfix track and then it will be time to build the new and hopefully final Westleigh for some time. The plan being to use only the older Airfix track with the phosphor bronze rails. This will mean that on any newer cars used the traction magnets will have no effect and can be left in place. To this end I have aquired a large number of Airfix sets some with the later steel track but most with the older track and also a lot of accessories and extra track but most of this proved to be the later steel track.

Next post I will tack you for a scenic trip around the layout.
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Hi All,

Ok lets take a trip around the layout from start grid..


Just a standard start grid straight..


into the first corner with a Airfix Time Keepers Hut, and Scalextric First Aid Hut and Time Keepers Hut with Event Board..


then along the back straight, the chicane has now gone, and in to turn two with the Scalextric Marshalls Hut and the a little straight and the turn three in to a short straight to turn four..


and past the Scalextric Entrance Building and then along the short front straight to turn five...


I've change the barrier layout here and moved the gap...


Inside the track here is the main open area with a Scalextric refreshments Hut and some Airfix figures and


a Scalextric Kit Grandstand, not build by me, filled with Airfix and Scalextric figures...


this takes use to the hairpin bend and


the Scalextric TV tower and picket fencing with gate...

then down the Le Mans straight..


and the Scalextric Le Mans start...


and some of the early Scalextric picket barrier fencing with some cones and half tyres also from Scalextric...


and in to the final bend which slowly tightens with a pair og Airfix Time Keepers Huts and Both Airfix and Scalextric figures...

and back in to the start finish straight...


with a Scalextric Control Tower and oil drums...


and the Scalextric Pit Lane, the buildings are Airfix with a mix of Airfix and Scalextric pit crew and drivers. The pit lane is not prattical for use in a race as you have to change the lane diverter by moving the red button that you can see by the figure with the pit board on the left. Moving this back while in the pits is not a problem but there is also one for the exit. To make the pit lane usable you would have to remove the diverter from the exit section.You can also see some Scalextric straw bales.


And finally a Scalextric start finish banner and a fully working Scalextric starter with the checkered flag.

Since these photos were taken I have added some more figures which I will show next.
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Hi All,

Just a small up date
to bring things up to date.

First some photos showing the latest additions to my collection of figures, these are from set of MRRC/Monogram News and Venders set.


First a vendor beside the boy and behind the fence a camera man a man holding cable. The camera man has what appears to be a video camera so may have trouble using him on the final layout.


This new figure can be used as a commentator or as here doing an interview with a driver.


And this figure is also interviewing a driver.


TV Camera crew and camera at the snd of the start finish straight.


And here we have another vendor, I think the vendors both look a bit to American but we will see. The grand stand is looking very full now but I do also have an Airfix Grandstand kit under construction.


Another camera man, this one looks like he has a small movie camera.


And a program seller who's going to get you just as you enter the circuit.

Some of these figure look very American with the baseball caps and sunglasses. The sunglasses I can hopefully make to look like normal glasses and a bit of trimming may be needed.

And now a few areas I've changed a bit.


A marshall in his hut.

I've moved the gate and picket fence...


so it's now opposite the entrance.


Moved a couple of figures to this area.

And an photographer by the hairpin bend..


That's it for track up dates apart from...


a little Le Mans start with two drivers running to their cars.

The days of this layout are now numbered and will soon be replaced with an Airfix layout. The lomg job of cleaning the track will soon begin and by pure fluke I have found a good way to clean it.

I hadn't done any work on the Scalextric track and some parts had poor electrical conductivity and it really needed cleaning, the inner lane was the worst. While looking for something else I found an old tube of Autosol chrome cleaner and thought why not give it a try. The result is a mush cleaner track and the polish doesn't affect the conductivity of the track.


The top right hasn't been cleaned.

It also works very well with the Airfix track, I've cleaned a couple of bits by hand and then given the track a good scrub in hot soapy water with a scourer and it's coming up like new. I'm getting a new Dermil this week which will make the rail polishing a lot easier.


Only the rails have been cleaned

The big advantage with Airfix phosphor bronze track is that there is nothing to rust so one polished and scrubbed clean the pieces can just be left to dry. I also now know that I can just polish the track when it does start to oxidise.

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Hi All,

Thanks for the comments.

As I know a lot of you like to see track maps here are the three Scalextric layouts..

The original layout


The second version with modified corner


and the final version without the chicane


The track planner doesn't quite work hence the overlap and gap and as I couldn't find a Le Mans section I have shown it with the extra start grid.
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Well the Scalextric track has stood up to the winter with no problems. My go to car for doing a few quick laps is the old Scalextric GT40 shown above on the Le Mans start. It just runs and the old uneven track surface mainly on the back straight seems to have no effect on it unlike some of my other cars.In fact the GT40 has been run once or twice a week even with temps down to -0.2c in the shed.

There is a problem with the Scalextric track, apart from the bumpy back straight, in that I can only run a few of my cars. None of the older Airfix cars with the pin guides will run on it and the same applies to any car with a full depth flag guide.

With this in mind I decided to build a small Airfix test track. My Winter track is still covered with plywood from when I did my Experiments in Jouef tracks and so this seemed a good place to start. I want to fully clean and polish the Airfix track pieces before I start on the main Airfix layout so no real point in taking up the Scalextric track yet.

The area available is approximately 7'6" x 3'4" (2250 x 1000mm) but it's not square is it's in a bay window.and the point where the bay meets the wall is wider than the front half and is "V" shaped. With this area I could have build and of the basic Airfix set layouts and by building at an angle I have had the Monte Carlo set in this area although the MR185 figure 8 would need to be shortened by maybe a standard straight.

Airfix publish some "Plus" layout diagrams using the basic sets with additional track and althought the MR125 layout are to deep and the MR185 to long and deep the MR11 layouts can be shortened to fit and the MR7 layouts will fit as they are.

White Green Font Line Material property

Don;t know why they show the second MR7 layout at an angle as once you straighten it the depth reduces to about 40" and I liked the general look of this layout.

Anyway here's the development of the layout, Starting with the basic MR7 set

Colorfulness Green Light Rectangle Slope

I then added the extra track pieces to make the basic MR7 Plus layout

Vertebrate Organ Green Reptile Organism

I then enlarged it by adding a standard straight and a double straight to the front and back straights, did away with the crossovers and replaced 2 of the inner 45 curves with outer 45's to give this

Green Rectangle Slope Font Line

This just fits in the available area but I don't like running in to an inner 90 bend from a main straight, which in this layout the front is. So I modified the left end of the track by strightening it out and using a compound 90 bend at the end of the straight.

This is the final test layout

Green Rectangle Slope Line Font

Not good for racing as the outer lane is 4.88 mtrs and the inner lane 4.40 mtrs but that's not it's purpose so the difference doesn't matter.

All the track pieces apart from the power straight, are phosphors bronze, all my bronze power straights are the older type that use the top fitting plug with the small pins, so no magnets here and any dirty track can be cleaned quickly with a railway track rubber, the rails being solid not harm done. The plastic needs a clean and I will do this at some point with some heavy duty wet wipes.

So there we are I now have a track that I can test all my cars on, even my Jouef cars run well on the Airfix track. So until I start on the main track in the shed, hopefully around Easter time this is my go to track.

Will post some photos later.

sorry about the different sizes of the track diagrams but saved direct from UR3.0


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