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Well done to the organisers for all their hard work.

A great weekend chatting about cars, meeting new friends and racing (although not sure my efforts are really racing, more giving everyone else something to lap)

The trip to Hornby was great and the grotto was a great way to separate me from my money, I managed to pick up a digital set for a great price and a couple of curved lane changers so I can now convert my track over and then get the new powerbase and join the new millennium.

Thanks, and see you next year I hope

Martin 'Bud' Johnson

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Glad you enjoyed yourself, feedback on a whole was positive, some minor points we may try to smooth out for next year, it's already booked for the weekend of 23rd to 25th November 2012. hope to see you there.

On the factory trip, thanks go to Adrian Norman for again organising that and also giving up his time for the whole weekend to attend. Indeed some bargains to be had, lane changers and pit lanes for a tenner can't be bad. some of the sets were also superb value, triple ignition for £40!

The auction raised some £7,400 for Hornby's nominated auction, The Toy Trust on the Sunday. A full report will be in the next Journal in December.

Thanks to all that attended, hope you all enjoyed it.


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Hi All,

I had a great weekend meeting loads of fellow slotheads really enjoyed the racing and talking everything slot related looking forward to the next one if invited.

I would like to also thank the other members of team brundle for all there effort in winning the racing

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