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Lots and lots going on at Gaydon this year.

Last year was MAD - big crowds and so many things to see - one day simply wasn't long enough.

This year promises even more to look at and not everybody will be there for the two days.

Personally I like the quirky cars so I will be looking around the small stalls searching for something a little out of the ordinary and maybe some wrecks to buy cheap and restore to their former glory with some tuning tweaks. And I will be visiting the drag racing strip - because I find the rate at which they accelerate truly astounding. Lots else to see but if I had to choose just two things to do - that's what I would choose.

So I am curious - what will YOU be making a beeline for this year?

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The Trader's are always top of my list.... I just hope & pray they have much more room this year. Wider gangway's and a proper space between them.
We and they are paying enough, so please ensure we can get to see them and their product's.....

After last year, when I hardly bought anything (as I couldn't get to see anything) I'm not at all sure I'll bother to go.

I have no interest in the racing and track's.

I've enjoyed walking around the Museum and recommend an hour or two to do that.


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I will be looking very carefully at the Scorpius throttles and hopefully, a working Location-Pro setup ......

Plus another go with the barrel of monkeys Chase-Cars ......
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