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What are your feelings on R1/Tight bends?

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Just curious as to what those with experience of putting together different track layouts have experienced with R1 bends/hairpins/chicanes?

As a severe Motorsport enthusiast I am mocking up layouts and very quick to throw one r1 combination bend somewhere in each layout I come up with if nothing elsefor variety and a different type of challenge.

I am worried with slot cars it may not be so much of a good idea?

Do they ruin the fluid tempo of a track with deslots or do you like having them there?

I am leaning towards trying them out but its an expensive gamble to blow money on them if thy are gonna cause hassle?

any thoughts welcome
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I have them in my layout in serveral places. Don't hinder the flow, but you do have to use caution and make a decision...just like real racing.

I do the opposite...and go from bigger curves to the R1 in the white lane.

Hairpin with chicane. Again, you check up or go for it. Does come into play from time to time, but if you like to pass cleanly you check
and go for it after the hairpin.

What I dubbed Devil's Backbone...white and blue lanes have a R1 kicker and folks love this section of track.

Blue lane with another R1 area. You do have to be smooth on the trigger with this one more than any of the others.

It's all different strokes for different folks. I just happen to be one of the folks who likes different.

Here's a video of our NSR Double Down IROC Event. They're non-mag and you can see that they handle them just fine.
"]Click for video[/url]
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