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What are your feelings on R1/Tight bends?

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Just curious as to what those with experience of putting together different track layouts have experienced with R1 bends/hairpins/chicanes?

As a severe Motorsport enthusiast I am mocking up layouts and very quick to throw one r1 combination bend somewhere in each layout I come up with if nothing elsefor variety and a different type of challenge.

I am worried with slot cars it may not be so much of a good idea?

Do they ruin the fluid tempo of a track with deslots or do you like having them there?

I am leaning towards trying them out but its an expensive gamble to blow money on them if thy are gonna cause hassle?

any thoughts welcome
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Well, the R1s in my basement will stay there, they're much in demand at the moment... Si, you've put it so nicely in post no. 32:
QUOTE I think a few R1's for a decent 1:32 to capture the edgy spirit of the very tight Phoenix GP circuit.
Spot on. To me, it's not about realism, it's not about accuracy of scale; it's about plausibly recreating that feeling of a real race. Currently, I'm working on a track that is inspired by my dreams of Targa Florio. So - I want to recreate things like this:

So, to simulate a Sicilian hill climb within the confines of 12 metres of track, I've incorporated 6 R1 hairpins - some of them 180, some of them 202.5, some of them combined with R2s or short straights - not Fluid Fun, but Rythmic Racing once you've done a few laps with a non-mag T33/3, mod'ed Fly TZ2, or an NSR Porsche 917K.

Thumbs up for R1s. If you like them or need them, of course.
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Hi Mr. Olufsen

Nice to have at least a fan club of 1...!

Am quite tempted to flash some cash on one of those NSR 917's, for a bit of R1 non-mag action myself.
I take it you have a lot of fun in 'mini Sicily' with yours.

Have you got a couple of snaps or a drawing of your new multi hairpin hill-climb.
Love to see 'em.

I am thinking to do a fairly complex single-lane hill climb here this spring.
I have been drawing it out in UR3, by useing mostly R1 sections in UR3, and then erasing the extra lane in photoshop.
Since all my cars go fine round R1 inners & outers, it's a good way to ensure the layout of the proposed hillclimb will work good.

Driving 'well set up' cars like I'm guessing you do, around tight corners IS A BLAST !

The funny thing is, people talk about 'de-slots' on R1's; but with 'low centre of gravity' cars here at MRW, all the de-slots occur here on the FAST corners; where your tempted to 'push it', rather than having the patience to SLOW DOWN on tight corners, where you just know that your gonna loose time if you push too much.


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The NSR 917Ks make one fall in love. They are amazing straight out of the box, but remove the magnet, upgrade to the highest friction rear tyres and mount a split/independent front axle, and the they are even more fun also in tight turns.

I don't have a recent photo of my current track; its been taken down in order to fit new foldable legs to one of the tables and add an inner corner extension to my smallish digital L-setup. To give you an idea, though, I do have a photo of the first mock-up:

In the latest revision the elevation has been increased by 7cms (3"), and the climb starts a bit earlier (racing clockwise). Hairpin no. 4 from the top has ben elongated to bridge the bottom diagonal nearest the camera, the single lane set-up now has been reversed (left-to-right hand in), and the 202.5 deg turn (no. 3 from the top) has been modified with an R2 piece for variation. Further, due to feed back from drivers (me) race management (also me) has decided to slightly reduce the total distance from the lower diagonal to the top hairpin to allow the marshall (me too) to manage a de-slot without the use of a fishing rod.

The full track fits on three 90cmx150cm (3'x5') folding tables and according to home management (not me) it is to be of a temporary nature, which I interpret as 'semi-permanent'. The master plan is to make basing, supports, and scenery modular using plywood and expanded styrene.

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Hi Christian

Yeah...Temporary nature is basicaly 'semi-permanent'; which in my book is 'virtualy SOLID' ( which is VERY permanent ).
I would make a VERY poor diplomat I think; but when have racing-drivers ever been known for their diplomatic skills !!!

My way of thinking is:- I'm getting past at the next corner, or, YOU'RE IN THE BARRIERS MATE !!!

It looks interesting what your planing Mr. O.

I was thinking about the Pheonix street-circuit, and thought later, if I was doing some of the 90 deg. corners; I might use a side-swipe on each end of a 90 deg. squeeze R1.
Wondered if you could incorporate a squeeze 180 deg. as well for variety.

I hadn't realy thought about 'cutting' track sections untill recently, but a bit of cutting in your situation could pay dividends.
eg. 'custom cut' bits for your single-lane section.
You don't even have to cut the connector pieces, just the plastic-lane parts, to get more possibilitys.

Another good tip; if you want to gain height rapidly without track bending or sharp transitions; is to use lots of the very shortest track sections ( even if the geometry doesn't need it ).
eg. 4 quarter straights, instead of a whole one; & lots of 22.5 deg. bend sections instead of 45 deg. ones.
I'm sure you get what I mean, It lets you increase the % gradient more smoothly.

You should start a thread in 'tracks & scenery' to thrash out some ideas ( & talk about FAST CARS ! ).
I guess you might have the usual plan in mind, to start a bit of building when the weather gets a bit better in the spring.
I know I do; although strangely enough it was 12 C here today, last year it was about -5 C !!! Brrrrrrr.....

If you start a thread I'll drop in and waffle on about hair-pins & hill-climbs & 917's no end at all !!!



P.S. I don't know if you use UR3 software, but it is exellent for bashing around a few ideas real quick on a complicated arrangement like yours.

Yeah... reversing the 'Y's gives much better racing-line in/out of the corners, I do this with side-swipes & X-overs.

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nice track Mr Olufsun
I'm a digital type, with an affection for R1 turns.

My layout is on a table 4 feet by 19.5, a few R1 turns scattered around make for a better circuit in that space.

Not sure if they're realistic, but I enjoy them, so not sure I'm concerned.

(A quick edit to add - if I were to start all over again I'd probably go for Carrera track, and the R1 question would disappear. . .)
And Carrera people complain about the tightness of their smallest turns.
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... while the Scelextric folks torture themselves with R1s left, right, and centre.

raikkonen_webber fan, thanks for the comment.

Si, thanks for all the helpful advice. I'll be experimenting a bit more, maybe start cutting up a few pieces and fitting in the odd 180 squeeze here and there. I do have the Track Power software, but had a hard time coining my ideas and seeing the 3D possibilities before I started messing about hands-on.

I just might start a thread to get some input, let's see when I get the last table on legs.

Hi Christian

Just start a thread & MESS UP !!! ( although I'm sure you won't !!! ).

Just got myself a 917, woooo.... track report soon, when the mail-man gets here !!!

I don't know what 'track power' software is ?

3D to me at any rate is a waste of time.

UR3.0 software is what I use, & would recomend; does 3D as well ( personaly only use 2D though ).

Mr. O I need a place for my hairpin & Targa photos; PLEASE start your thread SOON; I wanna wax about HAIRPINS !!!

Could have a pin track brewing here too !!!


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Jasperok - have you got your answer now?

It would seem that R1's are either "love them" or "hate them".

Yes they do break up the fluid tempo - but if you want fluidity go build an oval, if you want a track that is challenging and lasts longer before you get bored - throw in a mix of curves including some, but not too many R1's.

Maybe R1's are an unfair advantage - if you get a visitor who hates them you are already a lap in front!!!

It's your cash to risk buying the R1's, but if you don't like them you could always resell them on ebay and cut your losses.
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I didn't make myself clear as regards the software, Track Power is an excellent program developed by Mario, website here. What I meant was that I tend to not realize the possibilities until I start the actual construction - whether the software offers 3D or not.

The last table is on legs now, the corner 'bridge' is done, and it seems I'll have quite some time this week end. So I'll be outta this thread to start another one soon... Watch this forum...

Hi Christian


I just meant I don't use the UR3 3d mode myself.
Could be good for some people though.

I know what you mean about realising the possibilitys during construction.
Untill this summer ( & UR3 ) all my past tracks were done with 'paper templates' of R1's R2's etc.

Having made quite a few of these 'real paper' drawings, you get a great feel for what's possible.
Laying the track out, has actualy caused no changes in the designs, other than borders & barriers which you gotta put down after driving anyhow.

I can see that your Targa hairpins will be a major challenge, & you just gotta lay 'em on the wood to get it right.

Just re-drew my 'Suzuka Japanese GP' circuit for the new larger room.


Still love MRW as is, but this version of Suzuka ( LOT'S OF R1's ), which I made a smaller version of previously, could be next-up.
Maybe this summer.



Porsche news over at MRW !
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