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im new to Slot racing and i would prefer learning my stuff fast.

that is why i am here among you guys.

you seem to have a great grasp of the slot car racing scene and are very knowledgable.

heres my question.

what exactly can be done to a slot car to make it preform better? Excluding practice.

A list would be nice if anyone has the time.

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Here's what I would do.............

1) Take out the magnets.

2) Glue in the motor

3) Glue in the rear wheel bearingsand lubricate moving parts.

4) True the rear tyres

5) Reduce the diameter of the front tyres so they barely make contact with the track

6) Tease out the braids so that they lie flat and trim length.

7) Apply nail varnish to front wheels

8) Apply weights in appropriate places to get best handling/speed compromise.

9) Put back in magnets (if required).

10) Ensure wheels do not foul Bodywork.

If you are still not happy with performance then :-

a) Replace standard rear axle/gear/pinion with Slot,it items

Replace Guide/braids with TSRF Fly/Scalex replacement Guide or item.

c) Replace Tyres with Upgraded Item/ Grips/NSR whatever

d) upgrade motor to your choice and specification.



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Hi OW!

Though I don't understand why you want to learn fast since for me spending time checking out everything about slot cars is great part of the hobby...but here's some hints from another newbie

1) Running the motor in. There are different opinions on how to do this, but the most common way is to take the motor out and let it run on low voltage (3-9 Volts) for 1-10 hours.
This will give you a smoother performance and maybe some more rpms.

2) Take the magnet out or experiment with lighter/stronger magnets or the placement of the magnet.

3) Loosen the body from the chassis, this should make the car more stabile though there are different opnions about this

4) Read as many posts on car tuning in his forum

5) Buy a couple of other cars from other brands to get familiar with the difference.

6) Try different gears, motors and tires

Hope this helps


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Hey there!

Although I understand you wanting to learn everything at once don't forget to have fun along the way too. Sometimes learning things for yourself can be more rewarding

Enjoy the hobby, it is a great one and you have found the best place on the web to chat about it.



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The old saying,
"More haste, less speed",
carries quite a lot of weight in slotting!

Too many questions, too fast will probably end up causing confusion with the sheer volume of information that will be hard to piece together into a meaningful whole, especially when you will definitely find some contradictory advice in the replies.

By all means ask questions and people will be only too happy to offer their opinions. But it's more useful to ask only one or two questions at a time and to spend a lot of time raking through the forum with regard to particular areas of information, in order to absorb as much as possible on that, before moving onto something else.

For instance, on this page we have Topics:
Best Engine,, Questions,
Best of Best Motors.

This results in a lot of splintered information, which would be much more useful and accessible in a single topic, two at most. I will probably merge some of them after a more careful look at what we already have.

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if you want a blast coz ur new, get any ols style f1 car they have the mag pocket on the bottom of the chassis comes with a black coloured mnag, replace this with a thick scalex one and stick a scaleauto sc07 in it the car wont last 5 mins but its fun

also you will want to get a parma controller if ur using std controllers e.g scalex
i use a 35 ohm parma

all is availible from PSR
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