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Any kind of magnet effect is lessened on Carrera track. It's built that way. Look at Carrera's literature and they talk about having room to drift 1/32 scale cars in the corners on 1/24 scale track - an admirable philosphy!

I'm guessing from the sounds of things that you're going to be running mostly at home and mostly on your own. That means you can please yourself on car choice, but if it were me I'd be heading for the Slot.It GT40 or the NSR 917 on looks and performance. If you get to enjoy the cars at home on Carrera track you'll be able to run competitively with them at a club - all the more so if they also run Carrera track.

As on most surfaces the NSR will be a hair quicker out of the box than the Slot.It, but you can usually tweak a Slot.It to a comparable pace. No amount of tweaking can compensate for a car that you're confident with, though. Carrera track is less abrasive than Ninco or SCX and might need a set of softer boots than standard, other than that just enjoy what that £60 can bring - and don't forget to shop around or make use of SlotForum discounts where applicable. You should still be able to take yourself and the Missus out for a pie and a pint on the change!
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