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What Cars to Use for Scalextric Birthday Parties

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Hi everyone!

I've been researching a bit trying to figure out what cars would be best for running scalextric digital parties for kids aged around 5-12...
And so far, the only obvious thing to do, would be to use super resistant cars, my first question is:

Whats the strongest type of car suitable for kids birthday parties? (ie. there will be many many crashes

But, probably more importantly, I will need a car that is smooth to drive, but is still quite fast so the kids can enjoy the experience, not too fast though.
I have tried taking the magnets out of scalextric cars and trueing the tyres, making the grippier by using 3in1 oil on them, but it still seems tricky to drive...
The reason I think its better to have no magnets is because when going round a corner, it warns you if you are going to fast by sliding or snaping out, but doing this makes the cars slower, and in a way, easier to come off...

So at the moment, I am using magnets in the forward position which is the best option I can see at the moment, I have used 3in1 on some cars to even the laptimes out. This is going fairly well, but I was curious if anyone knew a better car to run that may be better overall. So my second question is:

Whats the best car or best way to make a car easy to drive for kids?

Thanks very much every one!
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Definitley the Boxsters although even they are not indestructible and you can use any resistant cars.

Magnets in, soft tyres (I use WASP tyres) and 9.7volts works best for me but you're gonna have lots of crashes with young kids whatever you do!

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QUOTE (GregK @ 10 Apr 2012, 13:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Have a look in the 4 Sale thread as there are some nice cheap minis and Nissan GTRs going ...... you might be able to get a deal......

See here
Boxsters and TTs are the toughest but if you don't mind no wing mirrors or spoilers and want some variety then most other resistant cars are OK.

The Nissan 350Z is really tough too but with the drift guide (even with the locking pins) it is not as quick & easy to re-slot.

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1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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