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After racing with you on Sunday and not having access to a digital club I thought I would give analogue a try for a while.

I have some cars I think will be ok but I wondered if someone or more could let me know what the favoured cars are for each group you race.

I've brough an SCX R8 as you raced that on Sunday and I'm also thinking of NSR Porsche, I have some unpainted NSR and cars as well.

Also, do you have a club controller I could borrow or what is a recommended controller without spending near the £100 mark.



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we have club controllers you can use with no problems, and our club website is, where you will find a calander listing cars allowed, the r8 is obviousley OK but rcommending cars is always difficult as a lot depends on your style of driving, (much the same as digital i would imagine), I dont think the porsche is allowed, not sure but we can make exceptions for new people.
Loook forward to seeing you on Monday, we are running classic cars, fly capries, nsr fords, also please not we dont allow silicon tyres in any class and all traction mags have to be removed
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