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This question has been asked many times and I think a correct category can be selected based on the years the cars has been racing; the P956 ended its glorious racing career in 1986, while the P962 in fact raced until 1993 (Le Mans) or 1995 (Japan GT Championship). However the P962 Dauer ( a modified version) won LeMans in 1994 and still in 1999 was seen racing in the Belgian GT Championship. So, stretching things a bit, it can be said that the P962 raced in the same year of the Audi R8C, Toyota GT1, albeit IMHO a more correct interpretation would place a time limit in 1995.

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QUOTE (Mampara @ 8 Dec 2004, 13:24)I guess the title sums it up. Now that I see the Blaupunkt 962 is out I want them (962 and 956) more and more. In what class do they race? Le mans (LMP), Le Mans GT....?
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