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· Matt Tucker
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I think we should take every opportunity to let the manafacturers have ideas provided to them on what we enthusiasts would like to see as developments whehter it be track, concepts, cars, accessories,etc. Anyway did not know where to post this so as there are only a few topics in here..... I realsie a few of us have direct links to manafacturers but they are not the holder of all good ideas. So lets have them and hopefully the manafacturers will read and take note - you never know!

Heres my first few:
1) An inexpensive (<£30) variable power supply witha 6v-18v range prefreably DC with plenty of amps and multiple output leads (for running accesories, etc.)

2) Scalextric have a power base that is DC based

3) e-type jag up to todays rtr standards

Over to you lot now.


· Allan Wakefield
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I would like to see the following...

Increased quality control so that NO 'straight from the box' cars require modeling and tuning skills to get going..

More attention to detail as far as running gear is concerned and less hiding behind large magnets to cover out of true wheels and axles.

The possibility to Order ANY part of a slot car and not just selected items.

For example - again Scalextric - MG Lolas have notoriously weak fitted front light lenses but these small clear pieces are NOT in the service packs. Why not? I should at least be able to order them from Scalextric direct.

To my mind these are easy to fix concerns and would increase drive satisfaction alot for the effort expended to improve them.

I would also like to ask the Manufacturers NEVER to produce the perfect car..please always inbuild SOMETHING for us to moan about..

· DT
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QUOTE (Swissracer @ 30 Sep 2003, 01:09 PM)...
Increased quality control so that NO 'straight from the box' cars require modeling and tuning skills to get going
This will drive up prices.

I agree that allot of the cars are made really badly, but the overall design is fine. How about that the manufacturers offer a normal kit / a sport kit (like Scaley) / and a build it yourself kit - where all the parts are included in the box.

I know which option I'll take. Then I can unleash my obsessive compulsive model making skills on slot cars.

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Great looking forum, very well laid out. As for the developments I would like to see a wider range of Scaley Sport track (chicanes, narrow straights and a PIT LANE! - please!). Also it would be great if companies like SCX didn't just release cars that are almost the same as Scalextric, how about some rarer exotic cars.


· Allan Wakefield
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QUOTE This will drive up prices.

I agree Nuro, but is SHOULDN'T is my point.

The Companies should look out for this in production, I can't see how they can honestly improve quality and then raise the price..That is like saying

"Ok guys you have been buying sub standard stuff for the last few years' here is the good stuff but we want more money"

I am not saying all the current stuff is rubbish - though some is of course. I am saying ' why can't the manufacturers buy decent axles and buy or make round wheels in the first place.

· DT
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There could be a whole F1 revival. If you liked the 60's then remember the 70's. Slot cars were made of those cars, but they were not at all up to today's standards.

Remember James Hunt! and remember the 6-wheel Tyrell! I dreamed of that model, but never got it. Those were tough times for some, when ones folks couldn't afford a slot car!

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I'd like to see cars sold with tuning options. Such as a strong magnet (for newbies or speed crazed "morons"), a magnet half as strong as the strong magnet (for newbies and not so speed crazed "morons" with improved driving skills), and weight for those "morons" who don't like speed or magnets

Seriously though, I think if a buyer had options on how he wanted his car to run, it would suit a wider range of buyers.

Scalextric has sort of started down this road with the "Sport" series of cars, but going from that superman strength magnet to the wimpy dot magnet is too much of a jump. Finding one in between would be better.

When I was into building car models, I always tended to buy kits that offered things like 3 kits in 1, or 3 styles to choose from. Mostly because it came with extra parts that I would use on other cars. The same kind of thinking could be applied here. If I was shopping for a new car, one that had tuning options would seem a better deal than one that doesn't.

And in case anyone's wondering what kind of "moron" I am, well actually, I'm all kinds. I have cars with no magnets to strong magnets, and everywhere in between. I tend to like a car somewhere in the middle though, so I guess that makes me your everyday average "moron", huh?


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Ref your request (which i agree with) for 60's 70's F1 Grand Prix cars check out the proposed new cars from Vanquish MG!

Lotus 72 "Fittipaldi" 1972
March 761 "Peterson" 1976
Surtees TS9B "Hailwood" 1972
March 771 "6 Wheel Prototype"

I have only seen pictures (not of actual mock ups) on various web sites.

Does any one know if these cars will have a diff?


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Although these have been mentioned already, I would like to add my support

1. Reasonably priced Power Supplies
Preferably with variable voltage but DEFINITELY with at least 5 amps - 10amps would be better. Why not both, to cover almost any needs?

2. Setscrew wheels and gears
Mass produced in high volumes by a large manufacturer , these would actually add very little indeed to the cost and, in any case, they are an extra expense that is well worth it.

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I see a lot of good points here... And I agree with many of them regarding the current state of the running gear on many of the cars.....

Something needs to be done with the quality control and mostly the quality of the running gear..... They have great looking cars, but I hate paying an arm and a leg for cars that have out of round wheels, cracked wheel hubs, gears that enjoy eating themselves, motor and shafts that pop out ( fly front motored cars)

If Slot-it can produce a car with top quality running gear for a decent price why cant the rest of them??????

And YES we need parts... ALL the parts for the cars not just a few.......

Kits are something I would really like to see...... It would reduce the price of the cars. And it would teach the younger and the new guys getting into the hobby how and why there cars are put together and why they work...... You dont see it mush on this board but how many times you have seen posts from new racers asking how to change the braid on a car..... Build it yourself and you will learn these things....

I know that when I was young back in the good old days... You had tons of slot car kits and I learned a great deal about the cars and how to set them up..... How to maintain the cars......

I would also like to see then make the bodies separately too... Like Revell and Monogram did....... I know that Scalextrics is starting to do this now and I think it is a great idea.......


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Top ten developments I'd like to see...(in no particular order)

1) High quality racing figures in 1:32 (no offence to current suppliers, but the detail / scale isn't what Preiser (sp?) can do for the railroad guys) - could be period and modern

2) More high quality 1:32 builings grandstands and trackside accessories

3) 5th and 6th level radius curves

4) for Ninco - 1/16 standard curves to fit inside the outer curve!!!!

5) self contained timer, race management and display set (imagine an Indianopolis or Nurburgring tower with REAL data displayed, mini timing screens for each drivers station, small laptop type race control centre with screen, links to separate main computer if you want via blue tooth....)

6) track coloured steel rails that still conduct the same as the shiny silver ones!

7) Tamiya entering the 1:32 slot market

8) Honestly, I'd like to see a quality replica of EVERY F1 car ever made in the post war era!!!

9) Ditto for everything that ever ran at Le Mans!!!

10) Internet linked slot racing - Imagine this!! Camera positioned at the drivers stand for the linked driver, special USB digital contoller is pluged in at the remote end, remote driver logs in and sees the track on his computer, local computer link conects remote digital input to the track and the host sets up the guests car in the appropriate slot, then the remote guest can drive on a faraway track AND NEVER HAS TO DO THE RESLOTTING!

ok, number 10 is a little mad, but why not...

cheers, Ken R

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I for one would love to see a wider range of Scalextric Sport track - banked curves and a nice curved high hump backed bridge! Frankly I would have gone for Carrera track on the strength of these items if I had the room for it...

(Whatever happened to the Fly track as well - wasn't that supposed to have black rails?!)

I'm well into my kitbashing too - so would like to see some of the kit manufacturers sit up and take notice of our hobby and start making more in the forgotten scale!

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Hi all

fairly new to 1/32 slot racing (3 months) but now have a sport track about 10 meters long, 18 cars, various scenery etc., and have been sucked into tweaking and tuning cars etc.

Generally I am very impressed with what is going on in the scene already - highly detailed cars that run pretty well without too much tweaking, and a reasonable range of accessories. When I was a kid, I had an aurora HO set, those cars looked great, but the scalextric cars of the time looked absolutely appalling
(wheels that stuck out of very plasticky looking bodies, sawn off drivers, stickers instead of transfers or the now wonderful printing they do)

But - stuff I would like to see:

Ken has already said most of the stuff I wish for - more buildings in plastic (like the old entrance/exit gate scalextric used to do), more detailed figures (spent a hell of a lot of time trying to source the apparently discontinued mrrc ones that actually look any good), self contained RMS thingy (got the scalex lap counter, its ok, if only it did a little more...), and liked his track coloured rails idea...

Also, I'd like:

1: White lights on scalextric, not the yellow ones they are doing at the moment. White LEDs have been out for a while, sort it out and also supply replacement boards for existing cars!

2: Standard controllers to be no more than 45 ohms - I don't have any cars that like the 60 ohm ones that came with my set. I understand all the real enthusiasts are popping magnets out of the cars and might need more ohms (do you guys need 60 ohms???) but since all cars come with magnets already fitted, suitable controllers would be nice. (this one is sort of irrelevant too me now since I already bought a set, and some red fox controllers of a more appropriate resistance, but it was an annoyance having to race on almost full throttle just to move the cars)

3: A track cleaner vehicle that did a bit more than roboclean, which mainly seems to clean the rails rather than the track area where the tires need friction.

4: cars that raced against the GT40s

5: appropriate scale blimps and helicopters!

6: scale cloth flags for the flagpoles

7: Affordable and good looking lighting system, street lamps etc for the track



· Rob
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Top of the wish list would obviously be the pit lane, preferably 4-lane, or a basic version and an add on set to extend it.
And what about 'racing line' curves. Imagine a 4-lane 180 curve, say radius 2 & 3 combined, made as one or two large pieces with all 4 lanes coming as close to the apex as possible. I'm sure it's not beyond the realms of possibility, and as long as price was reasonable I think people would buy one, almost as a centrepiece for the circuit.
Or am I totally losing it now? Need to lie down!
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