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What do you all use with Mac's bodies?

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I have two of Mac Pinches body kits and have had alot of fun putting them together

A homemade brass chassis under the BRM. (not very satisfying as it is a plain flat piece of brass) A Tomy Ho motor was installed, due to size constraints, without much satisfaction. since the motor gets very hot and the car does not have any giddy up. Slot-it geare were used and the motor shaft was sleeved up to the correct diameter for the gears. Slot Classics slip on wheels look excellent on the car as well.

A Pattos chassis was purchased for the ALFA and a drive shaft set-up was used to get the motor further up in front. Now the driver would be able to be used in his cockpit as the mabuchi motors are a but of a snug fit and tend to occupy the space where the driver needs to be. BWA wheels are used along with Carrera turned down classic wheels as inserts. Tires are a combination os NINCO and CArrera.

Now that I am tossing around the purchase of another body kit or two, I am curious as to what others are using for chassis/motors/gears/wheels etc. I would appreciate any input from you scratchbuilders....especially a good chassis design as well.

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We have a very useful 2 piece adjustable brass chassis ideal for motorizing narrow GP bodies. It will accept either a can end drive or cheetah style motor. For further info check out
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Both front and rear axles are 3/32nd. The front axle is supplied with some spacers to stop any side ways travel. If you wanted to you could drill out the chassis to accept 3mm axles.
QUOTE Ray, iv just had a thought ,ooch!!!
Hey Mac it must be catching, i've just had a thought too!
The new motor in the Scalextric MotoGP bikes is ideal for scratch builders. It has a slimline body (30mmx12mm). Ref C8301 it is supplied complete with 2x 9z pinions and the right angled mounting bracket. They're cheap too at only £5.00
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