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I bought a RMS set for £10
I also made my own sensor out of a RMS multilane extension for £10

The free software I downloaded is more than adequate and when they sort out light controls it will blow RMS out of the water.

RMS is great in principle but let down by actual functionality.
I feel robbed and I only paid a quarter of the price.
I pity you guys who paid £40

Lets hope sportsworld is better thought out, planned and implemented.


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RMS was a good step foward when it was released and I've used it happily for the last couple of years. I now use the hardware and a freeware s'ware pakage call YASCART and it works simply and more importantly big and bold.

If you can pick up the h'ware cheaply then recomend YASCART (over on SCI in their RMS thread). However if you are going to have to pay full retail price I'd await products such as sport world which promise a lot more functionality (have a read of the 2003 London Toy Fair review on SF which describes some of its functionality)


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i got so fed up with my rms skipping laps i thought i would try and fix it here is how
1. i pushed the metal contacts closer together BUT NOT TOUCHING
2. i made a pair of washers that push on to the bottom of the stub holding up the flicky thing which the guide hits (i made these out of 2mm plasticard and made the hole in the middle 2.80 mm so it pushed onto the 3mm stub and held the flicky thing in place DO NOT PUSH ON TO TIGHT!!)
this seemed to fix my rms i have done 300 laps in each lane in a ford gt without it skipping once this car used to skip every other lap.
hope this is of help
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