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I blame my hobby on my parents, for my first birthday they bought the biggest slot set they could and then raced for years before I ever got to see it (and they even managed to destroy one of the cars before I saw it) The set was a Matchobx Powertrack one, Cars were relatively well detailed, good build quality, instant speed lock assembly, power balanced lanes, and you could set up a 40' track in no space because of the scale.

For many years I my slot racing set sat in the attic as I raced \ rallied 1:1 until the Foot and mouth outbreak scuppered the 2001 British Rally championship, and the motor club started running "scalextric" evenings instead, and so I got into the slot thing again (being as we were all 1:1 car modifiers there were few standard cars on the track
), , then I got married and the permanent track at work (my boss was my navigator, and also enjoyed slot racing) gathered dust, Foot and mouth passed so the motor club stopped the scalextric evenings I made do with microscalextric at home against my wife, I heard about the new sport stuff that was coming out from scalextric, and my son is now old enough to play with the sets, so he inherited the micro sets, and my wife bought me a circuit 4 "sport" set, the difference between this set and the ones we had made the permanent track out of 3 years previous is incredible. At last the cars are decently moulded and liveried, at last the track has a decent assembly method, at last the cars have headlights of course all that was standard on the matchbox set 25 years ago


PS Ive never heard of the "EH" thing about canadians before, The stereotypes I had in mind were bizarre Mounties, and err some not so pleasant french speakers who refer to everyone else as "Anglophones". The only actual canadians I know were most definetely quite mad, 6' tall and would have looked just right in the uniform
, and prone to guitar playing and singing. Definetely didnt help dissuade the stereotype
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