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What have I bought on a whim?

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As the title says I bought these two 1/24th scale cars on a bit of a whim and why not.

Don't really know what I've got or from what period so any help appreciated.

First up

Vehicle Hood Car Automotive design Motor vehicle

My first thought is a McLaren body?. The writing on the cockpit is M.A.C (or G). I'm assuming pre painted as the finish is very thing and translucent and there is some clear plastic where the wheel arches have been cut out.
Chassis is steel..

Automotive design Automotive exterior Gas Auto part Bumper

Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle Gas Toy

Ignore the motor as someone has fitted a Johnston.

Second up
Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive design Gas

with a brass chassis

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Paint Gas Tints and shades

Can't see any markings and from the design it looks to be adjustable?
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Just to add a bit more info, the chassis for the MAC body is a Champion Turbo-flex flexi chassis. When set up properly, they race well with 16D & FK motors. Champion was bought by Parma about 10 yrs. ago. Parma itself, has been shrinking in size for years & finally closed earlier this year. Some of the Turbo-flex chassis are still being manufactured by a Chicago area raceway.

MAC bodies was started by three men. The "A" was Lloyd Asbury of Lancer body fame, I forget who the other two men were. At some point, Parma acquired some of the MAC molds & was actually pulling some MAC bodies. I'm guessing the Lola body on the first car is the same age as the chassis, something from the mid-90s or newer.

Sunset bodies in Australia has/had a similar looking swoopy Lotus 40 as the Riggen on the second car.
Their spoilers were smoother looking in my opinion.
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