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What have we here?

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Could this beat a GT40?
(to the shelves!)
I am going to leave you guess about this one!

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The Ferrari looks great and a reassuring sign of progress, although the BMW shell was shown months ago (Nuremburg?) no news since.

The GT40 demonstrates another sign of progress - its now painted hoorah... Ah well, at least it is still on its way.

Is the GT40 is going to be initially released in these ltd box sets? God I hate these. They (for me) are a pain to get hold of unless you buy straight away, then there is the matter of trying to locate the elusive third car. argh

Just to top it off, there is no driver...

Are there any normal crystal boxed GT40 cars coming out alongside the Gulf/B McLaren set?

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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