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As you may know, I like all slot cars with "complications". Saw this 4WD model not that long ago and was of course interested... but then I took a closer look at the front-end gear...

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Yes, the motor in the front drives the guide flag! ... which obviously can't rotate. So what was the guy thinking? Initial concept car for a steering system? A very odd dynamic braking system? or just parking his gear on a convenient post until he could put it on the axle?

This question will be on the final exam in your Slotology 101 class.

Professor Don
I’m with Don. IMHO the maker was “ thinking” about creating a 4wd car with what appears to be a Revell frame; took it all apart to put the motor in and found he didn’t have enough room to properly engage a front crown and then discovered he had lost the guide collar; which he replaced with the crown gear he was planning to useso as to not misplace the guide as well.

He then set it all aside to rethink the project and maybe get a replacement collar. but never returned to it.

Given my predilection for overly complex mechanical slot oddities (e.g. 2 speed rear drives; working differentials, working front/rear suspension w/steering, all of which added zero performance), I venture this might have been done as a DIY effort to copy a Russkit 4WD chassis.
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