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at our club we race a DTM class, and as I drive an Audi in real life, decided I wanted to race one as well......

I know that this is to be released (cannot remember the manufacturer) in 2005.

Being inmpatient I deceided to have a go at converting a 1996 Audi A4.

This is where I am at the moment......

This is the original body that has had around 1/8th of an inch sanded off the bottom of the body, and the start of the wheel arches added. Do not have the tech ability to add all the louvres in the arches, so the will stay solid for this exercise......

the body primed so that I can see all the faults......

Rear underpan added, rear wing started (uprights too thick so will cut and add new ones from brass) and will add a couple of winglets at the rear.... The blue is too dark and will be stripped and a lighter shade added. Waiting patiently for the Red Bull decals ,
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