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· Anthony Bartlett
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Took some leave in Dec and in between swimming, enjoying 30degC days of sunshine, and the odd beer, spent time on my slot track and cars.....

Well, I cannot compete with some of the tracks that are on this forum, but they did inspire me to start my own decorated track....

I did keep in mind that I will be moving again in 18 months time, so decided to avoid elevations at this stage. I also decided not to have a clinically clean track, so used railroad type scatter materials held down with white glue....
Copied the bauer banners and used those in the main for the advertising. there are about 350 specatators and pit men, all hand painted (sigh). Most of the trees are made from twigs with lichen......
I had quite a few really battered Scalex pit kits and Marshall huts that I cleaned up and painted in roughly similar paint schemes (I blame the differences on the beer!!)

This is an interim period track, with 60's buildings, but the track has been updated to cater for som added spectator protection - barriers.......

Still need to complete two paddock buildings..... and of course lots more details....

This is a semi scratchbuilt control tower, based on a picture I have taken at Goodwood in the early 60's. I used a Scalex pit kit, top of a scalex control tower, and a scratch built top floor.

Pic of the karrusel - included in the pic is a scratch built building made from card based on the Early 60's Scalextric Entrance hut,

View of the end of the back straight - note the Grandstand is another scratch built item made of card, based on the 60's scalex grandstand

View of the pits

Another picture of the karussel with the modern day paddock- visible here are 3 scratchbuilt from card buildings - the aforementioned entrance building, a copy of the 60's Control centre kit, and a copy of the TV tower......

hope you enjoy the pics

· Alan Paterson
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I can see you had a good Holiday....

I TOO, shall be building a new track.. Bought overstocks of Carrera, (With my 3 new 575 Maranello's)
And am starting to tear down the woodie tonight...

You know what Ant, you "might" even see me at the Speedweek next year... MIGHT...

I is going digital with my Carrera stuff, and a nice, clean 2 (maybe 4 laner), with some Lane changers... Listen, I switch on 4 Ghost Cars", plonk my ass at the back of the grid, and off we go.. 5 laps to pass the field... Me, myself and I... Tee hee....

Started your Audi Red Bull Decals, should be done this week. Got GSR 40 for you... Do you remember how to use Internet Banking???



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That looks very nice! I love how 'busy' it is!

· Anthony Bartlett
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Thought I would post some more pics after doing more work on the track.......... tried again over this last weekend to take some interesting pics.... hope you enjoy

PS - David - Ask Joel if he recognises this car.....?
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