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Hi,id like to see a slot car company make in 1/32 resin all the cars which came in first from the beginning of the Indy 500 to the modern era.Also the same for the Brooklands racetrack in England.I would also like to see more cars made from 1900-1925.Why has no one made a 1930s ERA?Its a famous British racecar.I have several custom made ERAs,some slot,some rail.Last i would like to see a series of historic streamline record breaker slot cars made.what do others think ?bernard sampson

Peter Seager-Thomas
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Hi Bernard, a lot of the cars you want are available. Have a look at these sites

General interesting pre-war racers including streamliners and record breakers. Contact Dave Capalen for present availability.

Napier Railton, Babs, Birkin Bentley.......;shop_cat_id=4

Look at the bottom of the page. It takes a long time to show the pictures.

Look on eBay and look for a seller called 'geodies'

He has nothing for sale at present, but under 'completed listings' you will see a large number of Indy cars. The quality is low, the accessories laughable, but if you buy them at the opening bid, they are value for money.


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Thanks Peter,i have many of these cars you mentioned(,but i think some companies should make a "series" of Brooklands cars Topslot from Spain who are currently making every Pegaso made(i think its 31 models,12 have already been released) & are doing a series of Mercedes cars.This is the first time a company has done this.I think its a great idea.Im collecting both of these series.They release a couple of cars in limited #s each month.So where are the racing cars from 1900-1920 ?There are a few,just a handful & thats it.Bernard Sampson

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What do you want. I do the Straker Squire, Whinee Phaps Phaps or Lancaster 40, Austin 7 MG Midget, ERA's amongst others. Just started working on Wolsley Moth, Blitzen Benz, plus some other weired stuff. It takes a little while to pull together photos and dimensions to draw the plans to begin the work.

Tony Condon does a whole load of older models including an ERA and Penelope Pitlane do Railton, Bentley's.

The new lightened shells without cast in drivers include
1914 GP Peugeot,
1920 Brooklands Straker Squire,
1920 Brookland Sunbeam V12 later first Bluebird.
1921 GP Ballot,
1921 Salmson.
1921 Dusenburgh GP
1922 GP Bugatti t30.
1922 GP Ballot, streamlined.
1922 Tear Drop Benz Tropfenwagon,
1922 Fiat GP,
1923 GP Sunbeam
1924 GP Sunbeam,
1925 Delage V12,
1925 Diatto straight 8 GP
1926 GP Talbot,
1927 Amilcar G6
1927 Delage straight 8 GP
1927 Alvis GP.
1930 Morgan 3 wheeler,
1930 Riley 9 Brooklands,
1930 MG Midget. Double Twelve.
1931 Austin 7 Ulster.
1935 Austin 7 Twin Cam
1935 ERA Atype
1936 ERA Btype,
1938 ERA Gp1,
1940 Alfa Romeo 512,
1946 Cisitalia D46,
1948 Cisitalia GP 360
1952 Connaught A type
1952 H.W.M GP
1952 Cooper-Bristol ,
1954 GP Keift,
1955 Ferrari Super Squalo,
1955 Connaught B type,
1958 GP Ferarri 246 Dino
1959 Aston Martin GP,

ERA Ctype 1950's rebodied,

Brooklands Lanchaster Winnie Phaps Phaps.

1951 C-type Jaguar,
1952 V-16 BRM ,
1952 2lt Gordini,
1949 4.5lt Lago-Talbot,
1955 2.5lt Mercedes-Benz W196,
1955 Bugatti Typo 251,
1955 Gordini GP,
1956 Lancia Ferrari,
1959 Ferrari 246 Dino GP,
1912 Sunbeam 3Lt Coup de Auto,
1955 8cyl Gordini,
1960 Scarab Front engined GP,
1951 Alta 1.5 lt, Bugatti 57 Tank,
1948 Connaught L sports Car,
1947 Cissitalia Nuverlari Spider Sports Car,
1954 Lancia D50,
1950 158 Alfa Romeo

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage - the old one from the 1980's - makes a Mustang look like a wuss

Mercedes or VW Van - something to race against my Transit conversion

Traction engine - why not?

Double Decker bus - grant a bit difficult under bridges but what a challenge for engineers - especially on wooden tracks!

Fordson 4wd Tractor - again why not?

Any Modern Rolls Royce - something to match NASCARS for size

Austin 1300 - I could hand paint the wings red (white body) like my very first car!!!

Jaguar XF - want real one, never going to get one - 1:32 only option ;-(

Triumph TR6 - gorgeous

Marlin Roadster - even more gorgeous

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - as long as it has a 45k motor and variable flaps to adjust lift
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