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What Is a New slot worth

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What's a new slot car worth? several of the new car review have had remarks about the cost of resin handbuilt slot cars. This morning I received a Slot Classic RTR Pegaso Spyder for a magazine article, which I will also post here when finished. These are not cheap slot cars cost around £125 from dealers like Sean,but to me they are excellent value for money.

In the one post it was said that Fly may be making Pegaso model slot cars would these be better value for money? (at around £35-unlimited) depending on how many they make? are they a so called limited editions ( to me this must mean very small numbers 100 or less not how many they think they can sell )

If Fly or any other manufacture produced a new slot car then only made around 100 or so RTR of them with the rest of the 400 being kits how much would these go for?

The finish on the Pegaso is much better than on a Fly or other similar model and so is the detail. How many time do you see on Ebay a Slot Classic Factory RTR for sale?

The most beautiful slot model I have ever seen is a resin Ferrari 1957 "Le Mans" sport car, which is currently in the Pendle Slot Racing shop on display, Could Fly or Scalextric or any other company make such a wonderful job of a slot car personally I don't think so.

So is the Pegaso worth the money, to me personally yes, I don't buy many slot car any more as I have far to many already. So when I do they must take my breath away because they are so beautifully made.
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Resin cars? Wouldn't part with my hard earned for 'em because I have a fear of breaking 'em, the way I drive, er, crash and all. Hell, I moan about fragile missiles from Margate.

Had a chat with that nice man from Maxi Models once, (am I the only one who expected them to bring out a model of the British Leyland 1750 Maxi? Probably.) and he waved his Can Ams under my nose and dispelled many of my fears. But still the doubt remains....

Rail Racer, the Pegaso Z102 is listed in the 2003 Fly catalogue in four different liveries. I suspect that the home market will be on their case now for this one and will not let them forget they've announced it, or dilly-dally on actually producing the little barchetta.
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