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What is a Scale chassis and body?

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Asked recently by a major manufacturer and an organization head, about the "Scale" make-up of a "Scratch built" slot cars, that will be made available (and raced in it's own class) in our future by a few manufactures using standard guidelines, I wanted to share part of my conversation here.

For a chassis to be considered a "Scale chassis" it should be:
1. One that is all metal.
2. One that has plenty of adjustments (by soldering or fasteners) for tuning and different bodies, etc.
3. It should also have the ability to fit different motor types.
4. One that uses the conventional guide and axle system.

A Scale body is one that:
1. Measures out to be similar to the 1:1 real car.
2. Made detailed or with the ability to be detailed properly.
3. A shell rather than a heavy think casting (resin)
4. Must have a ridged feel (vacuum formed) not too thin.
5. Must not vary much on any dimension so as to, make any part of the body clear tires, motor, or the guide.

After 29 years of "Scale" scratch building I feel that this is part of what determinds a chassis or body is to be considered "Scale" or True Scale.

I am proud to have been selected by a couple major contacts for my input.

After helping to promote Scale scratch built type slot cars for over twenty years we going to finaly see some changes on our hobby here in the U.S.A.

My fellow builders and racers in Europe and Asia have always kept Scale active in their racing programs

I feel that you my fellow Scratch builders can add to this.

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Hi I forgot to mention that this topic was for 1/24 future commercial (and club) track racing. Which we have some semi scale type already and some clubs running only scale slot cars.

Also the Plafit, Momo, Sakatsu chassis are the best and are part of this "Scratch built" Scale racing future here as it has been elsewhere already for many years.

The US is slowly evolving back to having some scale racing. We do have some clubs and commercial scale racing here already but next year, there seems to be some plans for more emphasis on scale cars all around.

Metal because or the ability to withstand heavy crashes, accept soldering or hardware and just because of feel and appearance.

The Slot-it HRS is the best chassis for 1/32 Scratch built cars everyone knows. I happen to love the chassis. It is not just plastic it is a "Filled" plastic which is very good for plastic chassis. Very durable!

The new chassis for 1/32 that are in development in different parts of the world will certainly help our 1/32 scale chassis void.

I know guys... "Here we go again" with this "Scale" stuff! It's my job to promote scale racing here. Have done for more than 20 years.

I can't stop

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Thanks Swiss, My mistake.

I did not realize this was a 1/32 area. I respect that thanks for letting me know.
You can remove it if you would like.

To answer your question, I don't think that factory teams is what I have been discussing or what they maybe planning on. I will check on that. I certainly don't what to see what happend before again.

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