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· Jamie Coles
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Being a bloke of long pockets and short arms I don't like to pay too much for a car to race around a circuit and take the occasional knock and I certainly would't consider myself a collector in the "serious" mode.

So when I see on eBay a car going for £600 I have to ask "why?" and "what is so special about this car?".

Could some of the more knowledgable on here elaborate on what the Perris Bugatti is? (and for the Farnham crowd - what class would it race in?!!)

Many thanks


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Don't know, but suspect it is resin (like the DeHavilland ones) and therefore in all senses inferior to a Pink Kar plastic one, especially in the factors of cost and resistance to damage while playing with (it is, after all, a toy car).

And it is definitely post 200 FWD rally class. Unless you fix a Pro-X Turbo plus motor in which case you can run it in DTM.


The Dehavilland Bugattis were moulded at the Scalextric factory and were plastic. I had four of them, long since gone.

The price is nuts.


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My understanding (please do not use this as fact!)of the De Haviland Buggati's is as follows:

Made in 1983/84 following a chance spotting of some white test moulds from the original moulds by a visiotr to the factory led to the following.

Body top, Chassis, front axle, drivers arm and rear view mirror where produced (in plastic) from the original moulds. All the other components on the cars were made by other specialist companies some in plastic, some in resin some in white metal.

The tops were produced in Red, Yellow and Green. (some tops have been seen sprayed blue)

The chassis were all produced in black and some where spray painted to match the bodies.

The above is sourced from various comments and books. I'm sure Phil Smith will have a much more detailed information.

£600 seems high, i have been offered them at £400. (i didn't buy!).

Saying that an original Bugatti could set you back £3'000.00 on the other side a Pink Car one could cost as little as £10 the choice is yours!


· Jim Moyes
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Trundle along to the next Worthing swapmeet and ask the organiser!

His name is Graham Perris!

Probably total poppycock, but I seem to remember being told that he is/was a dental technician and the cars are made of dental resin, so knowing what dental plates cost and how much fun they aren't, perhaps £600 is not too bad.

Surely it would go in "large wheel saloons", unless fitted with a "brown loaf" magnet in which case it is obviously eligible for BTCC!


The chassis were the same colour as the bodies. and the mirror was white metal and their were no front axles with them.

I sold the last one I had for £500.


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Seems to be a bit of confusion in this thread between "DeHaviland" re-issue Bugattis and Perris replicas.

The Perris ones were reproductions in Dental resin whereas Steve's were factory made from the original moulds.

The eBay auction is probably overpriced but the red version shown is the rarer of the two he made - most were blue. Nobody knows how many were produced as an awful lot of people never got the cars they paid for.


In the near future I am going to run a 2/3 part article about the Scalextric Bugatti in the Journal.

It should tell you everything you need to know about the original and all the re-issues/replicas/ reproductions etc.

Yet another good reason to join the NSCC folks!


· Phil Smith
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Just to confuse matters I have some of these resin replicas in stock

not painted, moulded in blue, from the same guy in Spain who has done Auto Unions, yellow C68 and C69, various Seat 600s etc.

I don't really like to refer to the 'deHavilland' Bugattis as such as they are really 2nd issue Scalextric cars, they are actually a totaly genuine Scalextric Bugatti no different to the original sixties cars except that they were not made in blue!

I spoke to Graham (Perris) last year and he told me that he still had quite a few cars left including some more in red. The high price for these on ebay is ridiculous, in the real world they sell for about £150.

One of the Perris cars was good enough to fool the Bonham Auction house a few years ago when they auctioned one as a genuine car and even featured it on their catalogue cover!! red faces all round

here is an approximate list of the Bugattis made

Sixties cars
C70 car in blue, probably about fifty exist but numbers are really unknown
C70 in red, I believe just one car as featured in the Gilham book.
C95 race tuned, not many!
Value, up to £3000

Eighties cars (deHaviland)
C70 yellow, red, and green about 100 of each, 21 tops only, in white and about 100+ black bases.
One all white car has been reported but I'm not sure if it isn't a painted base,
No black tops were made at all.
Value, red, green, black about £600, white with a black base about £1200, black base with a Pinkar top, £250

Perris resin cars
about 100 were to be made but I think about half of these were finally built, a few were in red, but as these were all a painted whether they were red or blue this means nothing, they could all be red if you wanted them to be

Value, £150

Littleton resin cars
Dave? Littleton made some resin copies I think in the eighties, I believe these were all black, quantity unknown.Not painted but moulded in black.
Value, £150

recent Spanish resin cars
Copies of the 'deHavilland' car (you can tell by the fault in the mould on the rear of the body) in blue, black and natural resin, maybe other colours, quantities unknown.
Value, £150
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