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I`ve been collecting long enough to know which cars are rare but my question is more personal. Which car are you searching for that perhaps the guys here can help you find. So what have you been trying to add to your collection but just cannot pin one down?

For me it`s the older SCX 6 wheeled Tyrell, boxed and mint. I see a few at swapmeets etc but I want one in mint condition. I saw one at Seans a couple of years ago for £85 and didn`t get it, fool that I am. What about you guys? Anyone rich enough to be seeking that Scalextric blue Bugatti or an Auto Union
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Not so much these days - I used to have a huge list, but there are either resin or fibreglass copies of most of the cars that were on that available nowadays (and I'd rather make / build them myself than have a poorly realised 60's RTR)

I would quite like a few of the early Slot Classic cars however as I picked up on them quite late (they seemed expensive to me at the time!) - the first Pegaso's, the Alfa Monoposto's, the BMW and the Ferrari 335 would all tempt me, but the prices are just silly now (An unpainted kit of the first Pegaso reached over £200 on e-bay the other week.....)

1 - 1 of 181 Posts
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