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I`ve been collecting long enough to know which cars are rare but my question is more personal. Which car are you searching for that perhaps the guys here can help you find. So what have you been trying to add to your collection but just cannot pin one down?

For me it`s the older SCX 6 wheeled Tyrell, boxed and mint. I see a few at swapmeets etc but I want one in mint condition. I saw one at Seans a couple of years ago for £85 and didn`t get it, fool that I am. What about you guys? Anyone rich enough to be seeking that Scalextric blue Bugatti or an Auto Union
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Holly Grails:


Prototype MG lolas - sold on Ebay for red nose day/Children in Need - bid high but a guy in Aus beet me, saw it for sale on Ebay a while back for even more money - not worth it for an individual but OK for Charity.

The metalic Blue and green MG Metro's mock up's or one offs (see SlotCarPortal)

Rover 3.5l - the one shown in Roger's book from some ROver event or newspaper event in the 80's - never seen one in the flesh even the photo in the book looks third hand.

James Bond cars - not the set just the cars - too expensive.

Jaguar XJ220 - red - 1999 range presentation car (C2228)

Ford Escort XR3i - Light blue - NSCC LE (C307)

Porsche 911 GT1 - Yellow no.46 (C2139)

Ford Focus - Silver Argos only RS no.6 - (C2380WA)


Monogram MGA slot car - too expensive

All the Miticos cars! - too many and too expensive, but really good.

With the exception of the one offs i could buy them all with enough money!
(Sadly lacking, Scott keeps spending it!)

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Hi All

My holly grail changes monthly, but currently it one of each of these:

Needless to say if anyone has one for sale - let me know.


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Thanks Tim

A chap in Germany got in touch a few weeks ago and i bought the Escort and Manta Mint - should be on my desk this week!

All the best

1 - 3 of 181 Posts
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