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I`ve been collecting long enough to know which cars are rare but my question is more personal. Which car are you searching for that perhaps the guys here can help you find. So what have you been trying to add to your collection but just cannot pin one down?

For me it`s the older SCX 6 wheeled Tyrell, boxed and mint. I see a few at swapmeets etc but I want one in mint condition. I saw one at Seans a couple of years ago for £85 and didn`t get it, fool that I am. What about you guys? Anyone rich enough to be seeking that Scalextric blue Bugatti or an Auto Union
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I can see why you like that!
The thing is now I have just got hold of my Holy Grail car, I don't have a 2nd on the list
Ok I do, again its not a Rally Car which seems a bit unlike me I think it will have to be LOTUS 47 EUROPE LM67 I know where they are
but I just haven't got the money available right now

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