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I`ve been collecting long enough to know which cars are rare but my question is more personal. Which car are you searching for that perhaps the guys here can help you find. So what have you been trying to add to your collection but just cannot pin one down?

For me it`s the older SCX 6 wheeled Tyrell, boxed and mint. I see a few at swapmeets etc but I want one in mint condition. I saw one at Seans a couple of years ago for £85 and didn`t get it, fool that I am. What about you guys? Anyone rich enough to be seeking that Scalextric blue Bugatti or an Auto Union
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I'm also one of those who actually found my "holy grail": the Adams & Son Quad Mk I, a basically hand-built 1/24 car, ca 1965-66, advertised in the US slot mags at $24.95, or an introductory price of $19.95. It had four wheel independent suspension, front wheel steering, a hairy KTM (Kemtron) motor, etc. The body was kind of an afterthought, but mine came with a flared-fender Cheetah, about the only one wide enough for the chassis! I had always wanted to get my hands on one of these...

I had about given up hope of finding one until ebay came along. Once talked with a guy on the phone who had one... and that was as close as I got. Missed the first one I saw on ebay, and when I saw another, decided to pay the price needed... Then of course the acid test: try it on the track, to see what all the fuss was about, and if my childhood dreams would be realized... It actually ran pretty well - I entered it in the first Bordeaux vintage meeting, finished 5th overall I think, and would have done better if I had added an allen set screw before the race instead of in the middle after losing the original set screw....

And did finding my holy grail live up to expectations? You bet your boots it did!
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My holy grail for a long time was a 1/32 cucharacha which I eventualy got a while back , However as a scratchbuild fanatic my current grail is to recreate some of my old cars of the 60s,so what Im searching for at the moment is a GT models Dodge Charger body shell
Congratulations on finding an Adams & Sons Quad, Don!

For those not familiar with the Adams Quads, here are some pictures:-

Kind regards

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Hmm Holy Grail car. Not sure what it is but I'll know it when I find it!

Seriously, I've been searching for two cars.

Some time back, I bought a box of scalextric stuff (a set with two C76 Mini's Green and Red) but also in the box were two mint (but not boxed) C80 Offenhausers (both yellow) and two near mint (one boxed) C21 Cougars (both blue). I have no idea what posessed someone to buy two of the same colour of both cars.

I'll bet that somewhere out there is a frustrated bloke with two red C80 Offys and two orange C21 Cougars.


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QUOTE I thought that A-jets(American Jets?)were Aurora's attempt to introduce 1/32 home racing.

Actually there were no less than THREE generations of A-Jets (versus T-Jets for "Thunderjets"). The "A" definition is vague as far as significance but they always meant "larger" cars at Aurora.
The first generation dates from 1963-64 and the cars were approximately 1/40th scale of American hot rods, plus a '36 Ford coupe and a '57 Chevy 2-door coupe.

The second generation came in 1965 and was a collaboration between K&B in California and Aurora. K&B produced 1/32 scale kits of sports racing and GT cars, Aurora produced the same cars in RTR "set" versions. The kits had plain aluminum threaded wheels with plated plastic inserts while the RTR had kiney-bean 3 spoke alloy press-on wheels, silver, red or black painted accents on their bodies and American flag stickers on each door. Some of the cars advertized in period catalogues and magazines were never produced. The Aurora cars are very collectible and some are especially scarce and hard to find.

The third generation was produced in 1970 and 4 sports racers/coupes were produced in 1/32 scale. These did not last very long and all are hard to find today, the toughest being the Gulf-Mirage coupe.

Doc Pea
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Holy Grail? Well, It keeps changing; For a long time I wanted a Cox GT-40 (Actually I have one , but the body is trashed) Then It was a Cox Cheeta; Still do not have one of those, but Supposedly MRRC is coming out with one so that took a little of the heat off. I got one of the Carrera Lolo's Maserati's when I first jumped in, otherwise that might be it (a beauty & one of my few shelf queens). Then It was a monogram T-70 spider, but I finally got one. Then I was lusting for the Anni-mini Birdcage Maserati, but last year when I unexpectedly got a bonus Dr. Pea helped me out with that one. I really would like the Sunoco Lola T-70's. But I ain't gonna pay $80+ a piece for'em ditto the Gulf 917 set (Still kicking myself for holding out on that one, thinking I could pick it up cheaper
) Oh! Add Fly SM-1 to that list!!

I guess right now what I would REALLY like, but you NEVER see for sale are the early Slot Classics Ferrari's. I get giddy just thinking about those
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Must be the 1989 Nissan R89 C (SCX SRS) - but not for £40,00 at this stage!

Seen it once on eBay, lost the bidding
and haven't seen it since!

If anyone wants to sell, I'm the buyer!
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I'm really suprised how many people want, what are in reality, very easy to find cars and are quoting them as their holy grail!
Most that have been mentioned in this thread, including the Nissan that wants, are, or have been in the last few months, listed on my website.
Or if not on mine then on one of the other obsolete slot car dealers sites !

A quick look on the internet (not just ebay) would easily find most of them.
QUOTE (Swissracer @ 21 Oct 2004, 08:39)QUOTE But I have got to get me a Slot Classic Ferrari 250 GT SWB one of these days

Mine arrived this week and it is almost the perfect slot car in my mind. You wont be dissappointed if you like Ferraris. Both the 1960 and 1961 Le Mans versions are different in detail down to the tiniest variation - amazing work!

joergs took one look at his and refused to let me touch it OR accept an offer of a gentlemans race around the track
I doubt his will ever see the track he likes it so much.

Scoobydriver - email me I have a spare one never out of the box.
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I have looked on the internet everywhere I could think to try and I can't find an original American rail car anywhere.

Just to find one would be great.

Yes Jeff, obviously that would be a hard item to locate, but most of the cars mentioned are relatively easy.

I had a nice rail car chassis last week, now sold, here is a picture

For future reference, how would one tell an American rail car from a UK one?
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Hi Phil,
That would have been a start, so anymore please email me.

The chassis is your picture is one of a group of rail cars and chassis put on ebay a while ago from Scotland and it built using MRRC rail car wheels.

The American chassis used front wheel drive quite a lot where as the British ones did not. Like wise a lot of the British ones had steering and most of the American ones did not.

Their is no one feature to tell them apart apart from if it has it original body which greatly helps.

I have an original American chassis which was built out of rail used to build the track but I have never owned a complete original America rail car.

Best wishes,

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QUOTE Just to find one would be great.

Keep your hopes up, Don Siegel found a couple there, he probably beat you to it!

As far as a Quad MK1 or Quad MKII, it is going to be tough now to dig one up as I think that the field has been well combed...

My personal holy grail nowadays is in pro-racing cars with history. I have quite a few but still looking for more, from the 1966-72 period. I would love to have one of Barry Magee cars as an example...

Doc Pea
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Phil, As you pointed out many of the cars on this list ARE available. The problem is the amount of cash one would have to part with to get them. MMK C-type Jag for instance or even Top slot's I have not seen one for sale anywhere & the places that had them are sold out.
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QUOTE MMK C-type Jag

I have these in stock!
Three versions including the long tail.

Go here to see..

QUOTE MMK C-type Jag for instance or even Top slot's I have not seen one for sale anywhere & the places that had them are sold out.

Masmojo, you are not looking very far... besides Phil's, Electric Dreams also has all of them available, and I am pretty sure that there are other retailers who have them still in stock. Beautiful cars...

Doc Pea
The cars I would like are a replacement for ones I had 30 years ago , the MRRC 4WD Felday 4 and a Cox Cheetah . I have recently built a resin Cheetah which fills a hole , but a Felday ?
I noticed TSRF mentioned Barry Magee from the Tottenham days , another master builder of the time but not so well known was a guy named Jim Epsom . Not a notable racer but constructor to many of the top "jets" .

QUOTE Russkit Rattler, CroSal Olds. MIB.

Russkit never sold these cars with a box. They came a dozen in a package in plain white "body" boxes. They were issued for a very short time then the tooling and all remaining inventory was sold to Parma International which marketed them under their own brand. They were then sold in clear bags with a Parma tag. Three models were issued:
-Cro-Sal Spl.
-SCCA 1968 Vette roadster
-Two-man Dune Buggy
Good luck!

Doc Pea
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Doc Pea,

OK, so no MIB?
I go for a plain white "body" box then.
As long as it's a Russkit Rattler CroSal Olds inside.

Any clues about where to find one?
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