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What is your/the fastest GT/DTM car?

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Ok, here's the deal. I can always beat my friends in my Fly Lola B98/10 Sebring 1999, taking out anything from SCX Judd Dome, SCX Audi R8 Japan and the Scalextric Lister Storm.

But I only have two GT cars so far, a Ninco Mercedes CLK GTR (lousy) and a Fly Marcos LM 600 2002 (yellow/white).

Any suggestions for a beat-em-all GT car in terms of speed/handling? We race with magnets.

Any help much appreciated!
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Thanks for the suggestions.

However, I was told the Fly Viper is *not* out yet until sometime in March 2005?

I'll check up on the Ninco Honda, but I was very disappointed with my Ninco Mercedes CLK GTR..
QUOTE (Roadkill @ 5 Jan 2005, 22:21)The Viper I am talking about has been out for some time now.
A84, A205, A206 and A207 are the current standard edition cars that have been released of this version.


Ok, I was thinking of the Oreca Viper, which I heard is not yet out.

In the meantime I've just bought the Scalextric Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Nr. 22 Limited Edition.

Any idea how this sucker holds up against the Fly Viper?
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QUOTE (taxi @ 5 Jan 2005, 23:57)It's not as fast as the Fly car in a straight line, but it's a sweet handling car. On my 65ft track they shine in different sections of the track but laptimes are within a couple of tenths overall.

Have fun



Thanks m8

This is an excellent forum :)
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"Scalextric MG Lola"

What model exactly are you talking about? Is this a GT car (it needs to be)?
QUOTE (Mr Material UK @ 7 Jan 2005, 15:02)No it isn't, Schnuz, it's an LMP and IMO you've already got a car that beats it hands down anyway, with the Fly Lola!

I think you'll be hard pushed to beat the latest Fly Viper in mag GT races!


Thank you,

I'm very happy with my Lola which even beat the SCX Judd Dome (with Pro Competition motor).

The latest Fly Viper, what model exactly is that? I was hoping to get the Oreca Viper?
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QUOTE (PeteN @ 7 Jan 2005, 17:49)Schnuz, if you're racing on a track with a long straight, consider the Cartrix NSX. The newer version with the 6 spoke wheels has an NC-2/5 size motor called a TX-5 that is stupid fast! It also has a Fly bar magnet just ahead of the rear axle, so it is pretty stuck down. That motor is the fastest one I've seen, like the MRRC red can but with much more torque!?! I had to take it out of the car.


I understand :) I merely pointed out I was winning everything with my Fly Lola in Le Mans races, but getting beat in GT races. So I am looking for a GT winner.

Since posting I've bought the Scalextric Dodge Viper Competition Coupe Ltd Ed., and bidding on ebay on the Scalextric Ford GT (on the frontpage of SlotForum right now).

Hoping to get a Fly Viper too, but I was thinking of getting the Oreca Viper.
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QUOTE (Jamie @ 8 Jan 2005, 00:22)TVR is rather good, lacks horsepower down straightaways, however you can make up time in the bends, as it is very stable. Like others mention though, the new Viper is quicker down straights - I learnt this first hand, courtesy of Scott and a very quickly driven Oreca Viper, looks a handful to control.


I prefer cars with very high acceleration good handling. Top speed is not a priority although it is a very nice bonus (like the Lola). While our tracks may be up to 33 meters in length we usually only have 1 or 2 long straights, and the maximum length of the straight is around 3-4 meters.
LOL, sorry I *do* understand, I was merely quoting the wrong text

The NSX is indeed a GT car, I will check it out soon.
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