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What is your/the fastest GT/DTM car?

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Ok, here's the deal. I can always beat my friends in my Fly Lola B98/10 Sebring 1999, taking out anything from SCX Judd Dome, SCX Audi R8 Japan and the Scalextric Lister Storm.

But I only have two GT cars so far, a Ninco Mercedes CLK GTR (lousy) and a Fly Marcos LM 600 2002 (yellow/white).

Any suggestions for a beat-em-all GT car in terms of speed/handling? We race with magnets.

Any help much appreciated!
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The Ninco Honda NSX is a very nice fast car. The latest Fly Vipers are very fast too, but feel a bit too stuck down IMHO,relying too much on magnetic downforce. The Ninco Honda has a very good balance between magnetic downforce and tyre grip.
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