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What not to do...

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Spent last night upmotoring an in-line Scalex Taurus. Donor motor was a Fly Evo2 from a Racing Saleen that I gave up on. Donor car was given to me by a friend who no longer has his Scalextric set.

OK, after lots of test fits and eyeballing of how it will fit, out came the dremel and off came the mounts for the scalex motor. I'd already prised out that crappy brown soft magnet they used to use (and that's a pig of a job as anyone who has tried it will know). More test fits, change the dremel attachment and grind away at the chassis to get the motor to sit in flat. Happy with the positioning and gear mesh so mix up loads of dark grey Plastic Padding (the best epoxy resin glue I have ever used). There isn't much chassis for the motor to bite into so I cut small strips of balsa wood to fit along side it as a lightweight cradle and in three 'coats', build up the epoxy. Leave it for half and hour in between 'coats'. Chat on Slotracer chat room while waiting for it to dry.

So, now I have a chassis with a Fly Evo2 securely mounted and meshed and it ain't gonna shift bar a passing nuclear holocaust. It's gonna go like stink!

Then I see a Fly Evo2 motor on the workbench. Which is rather odd to say the least as I only have one of those in my collection and it's now in the NASCAR. Hang on.....

Penny drops.


Damn FLY for having their normal motor label the same colour as the Evo ones!

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Entertaining stories - thanks guys
I think I guessed the punch-line to speedyweenie's story around paragraph 4 but it was great reading nonetheless!
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