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What not to do...

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Spent last night upmotoring an in-line Scalex Taurus. Donor motor was a Fly Evo2 from a Racing Saleen that I gave up on. Donor car was given to me by a friend who no longer has his Scalextric set.

OK, after lots of test fits and eyeballing of how it will fit, out came the dremel and off came the mounts for the scalex motor. I'd already prised out that crappy brown soft magnet they used to use (and that's a pig of a job as anyone who has tried it will know). More test fits, change the dremel attachment and grind away at the chassis to get the motor to sit in flat. Happy with the positioning and gear mesh so mix up loads of dark grey Plastic Padding (the best epoxy resin glue I have ever used). There isn't much chassis for the motor to bite into so I cut small strips of balsa wood to fit along side it as a lightweight cradle and in three 'coats', build up the epoxy. Leave it for half and hour in between 'coats'. Chat on Slotracer chat room while waiting for it to dry.

So, now I have a chassis with a Fly Evo2 securely mounted and meshed and it ain't gonna shift bar a passing nuclear holocaust. It's gonna go like stink!

Then I see a Fly Evo2 motor on the workbench. Which is rather odd to say the least as I only have one of those in my collection and it's now in the NASCAR. Hang on.....

Penny drops.


Damn FLY for having their normal motor label the same colour as the Evo ones!

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Ouch! Good one, Coop...

My apologies in advance for taking the thread off topic, but the following is a true incident related to me by a colleague at work about her sister.

Jill is a designer who recently flew from her home in the midwest down to Atlanta to attend a professional conference. There were several delays with her flight and traffic problems into the city which resulted in her barely making it to the opening evening session of the conference. She hadn't had a chance to eat anything, so she grabbed a candy bar (Kit Kat) on the run from a vending machine in the hotel and stuck it in her bag. The presentation had already started and Jill obviously was not in the best of moods as she plopped down at a table. The room was quite crowded and there wasn't a lot of space for each participant to spread out their stuff, but she laid out her things and started to pay attention to the speaker.

A little while into the presentation Jill was surprised to see the man sitting next to her (Asian, probably Japanese) casually pick up the Kit Kat bar, unwrap and eat half of it (Kit Kats are segmented). She couldn't believe her eyes! What was this guy thinking? She fixed her gaze on him and gave him the dirtiest look she could. When he set the candy bar back on the table, Jill snatched it from under his nose and deliberately started to eat the remaining half. The guy seemed to be surprised at her actions, but didn't offer a word of apology. Maybe he was too embarrassed to say anything or perhaps it was a cultural thing or he was lacking in language skills Jill reasoned. Still, ...

The presentation reached the half-way point and a short break was called. The man still did not say a word to Jill but stood up and quickly left the room. After a few minutes, everyone took their seats and the presentation continued. The rest of the session proceeded uneventfully but as it was winding down Jill noticed the guy had another Kit Kat bar. Just as before, he unwrapped it and ate half, leaving the rest on the table. This was too much!! What was this guy trying to prove? Not only does he steal and eat her candy bar, but he has the nerve to taunt her with another. Or was this some kind of twisted come-on? Cultural differences or no, this guy is obviously a jerk! As the session ended and participants stood up to leave, Jill reached over, grabbed the remaining half of the candy bar, stuffed it into her mouth and said, "I guess that makes us even!" and left the room. The man was speechless.

She was still seething as she went up to her room, and only partially satisfied with how she had dealt with the situation. She could think of all kinds of scathing comments that she should have made. That guy had better not be anywhere near her tomorrow or she would stuff a Kit Kat down his throat! As she finally started to calm down and think about ordering some dinner, she reached into her bag and saw with slowly dawning comprehension and a sinking in her stomach, the familiar shape and wrapper of.......a Kit Kat bar.

She decided not to attend the conference sessions the next day.
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"That exact Kit Kat story was recounted by a young girl on a Radio 1 "confessions" type piece this week! Could that have been your colleague's sister's 15 minutes of fame, Speedyweenie?"

That is really curious. Did your version of the story specify Kit Kats? Were other details the same (Asian man, etc.)? Pretty amazing if so, because the anecdote I related on SF was written entirely by myself from memory of the story related to me a few years ago. Maybe the sister published her own story in the intervening time, and it was repeated with variations by others. Seems awfully coincidental that it appeared only now. Hmmm….

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