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What shall I build?

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What would you like to see built?
Fiat 500927.27%
Lotus Elise1957.58%
Toyota MR2 Roadster515.15%
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QUOTE (Nico @ 30 Sep 2004, 08:24)Go for the Fiat 500!!!!!
I have already buildt one, I put it on a Plafit 124mini chassis
Unless thats an error by Nico, it pretty much confirms what I have suspected all along, those 500s are 1/24. Anybody got pictures of one next to something for comparison?

And can a standard car enter, or just slightly modded, as I'm thinking there might be people who would like to get involved and send an entry but can't do the chassis building bit!

And where are you going to get those other two bodies from? Sound like another couple of projects for me! Two, I suspect, in the case of the Toyota!

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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