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What shall I build?

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What would you like to see built?
Fiat 500927.27%
Lotus Elise1957.58%
Toyota MR2 Roadster515.15%
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I've narrowed it down to these three, but can't choose between them.

Cheers guys!


PS. I'm not being held to the poll results, but I will likely follow them...
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I think it will be the Elise then, but keep voting!

All bodies are 1/32 and come from Pendle's site, here.


PS. Graham, I did see the Smart car, but i fgured being so small, and quite tall, it would be undrivable, how does your's go?

PPS. Two people suggested the Fiat 500, and yet there is only one vote for it
. Someone doesn't know how to use a poll...

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Cheers Chofar, seen them but decided to go for resin instead.

Chassis will be scratchbuilt (wait and see...) and I'll probably use stuff for the running gear.

1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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