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Hi, I have used these B-Nova guide adaptors with great success on the the few Scalextric cars that I have, I first purchased the 3 size pack, and on my Scalextric Porsche 911 yellow 46 forum gelb car - the slimmest adaptor(the 1/32 size adaptor) works perfect on my Scalextric Sport track(Digital and Analogue), use with a screw in guide(SICH10) or Sloting Plus Ref:2130 2 Universal standard guide with screw - Pack 2, either work great.

That is just one example and also I found my other Scaley cars I used the adaptors on also used the slimmest size(1/32 size), but still this may not be the case for all Scalextric cars, so best try the 3 size pack first if you don't wish to buy all the size packs to start with.

Note that Bob offers a deal on 6 items and you get free P+P, now if you buy 1 item you will have to pay about the same again in P+P, so nearly $10 for 1 pack, I just purchased 6 items through bidding on his eBay site: 3 packs of guide adaptors - 1 of each size pack(1/32, 1/16, 3/32) and 3 packs of his motor adaptors, all for just $21.75 including free P+P to United Kingdom. Hows that for a bargain! : ) = Happy Buyer

Hope this helps.
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