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what to buy.....

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i went down to my model shop yesterday and they had loads of good deals on, so im trying to decide what to get. either the
fly lola (£20)
or the fly 911 evo2 rs (£25)

im at the moment leaning towards the rs coz its usually £35 and i need a good non magnet car.......
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so it looks like the rs has won ,question 2 being do you have to cut or modify the car in any way to get the slot it axel in the back would of thougnht that the only problem could come in the form of the tyres not getting under the body i will talk to my m8 who races slot cars (the only one i have that races) and see if we could do a couple of races for non mag cars only.....
i need to get the hang of no mag racing , i took the mag out of my nascar and it was so much more chalenging as to be unbeliveable youve got to work so hard to keep controll when it drifts as my track hasent got barriers all the way around at the moment but i think no mag racing will be a lot of fun as i get better at it, i think ill have to spend another sevral hours learning again , i used to race no mag all the time on my old cars but the tyres are so bad now they just cant be raced anymore without new tyres if anyone has a good suggestion as to where i can buy new tyres for ancient scalextric cars
while im here do u have to cut the body on the rs to get the back axel coz from the pics u posted on scg ages ago it looks like the arches are a lot wider than they need to be
no i mean do u have to cut the body to get the slot it wheels and tyres on??? and will the slot it wheels & crown fit onto the existing axel?

i was just wondering if i could fit the slotit crown and wheels onto the racer axel
which now i know i cant
proaxel kit...
this is going to have to wait a while....
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1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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