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What to do with those Revell kits you got at xmas

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Heres a quick way of getting those Revell Kits on the track and it really works well
All you need is a motor ,a guide,an old proslot inline mount and a ninco rear axle .
First cut a hole in the pan to clear the gear fit the Revell wheels on the ninco axle ,they are an exact fit build up the reare end of the kit ,take the proslot mount and cut off the axle carrier ,clip the motor in and glue to the pan , drill a hole for the guide and cut a semi circle out to clear the wires fit the revell front wheels .I added magnets front and rear as I was using the Revell tyres ,which seem to work quite well ,I also drilled the rear of the pan to take body screws but kept the push fit at the front.I was unable to use the interior as it fouled the motor so I used one of my own vac forms , but a piece of tissue with a driver stuck on will work as well . Total time to build including writing this article and track testing about 2 hrs. Welcome to the world of scratch building give it a go its a blast.

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I might just have to give one of these a go Graham

Sod's Law that Revell have made the cars in the same liveries that are available from SCX/Scalextric.

Ta, for the build guide anywho


ps I wonder.... If you converted into a sidewinder, perhaps you could use more of the original interior - I'll pop by the local modelshop and pick one up "just to see"
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Started the side winder option on the Audi already Rob I think it will let you fit the original interior but a vac form would be better for performance
I don't wish to pee on the parade
but by the time you've bought the revell kit, the motor, the guide and the axles wouldn't have been cheaper to buy the Scale /SCX version.

Scratch building is great and definatly opens up the hobby for more of us.
I currently have an
old Dennis fire engine
Datsun 260Z (may be a 240)
A very early Porsche 911 RS (going to have the motor slung out back like the real thing)
Jag E Type
Nissan Skyline (working on making it front motored and 4WD)
in varies states of production
I know some of these have been produced in the past but i don't think any of them are curently available.

Anyhow that's my 2 penneth.
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I'll be very interested to see how you get on with the out-back Porsche motor mounting! I have occasionally thought about this but progressed no further than the vaguest of thoughts.
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When it's finnished i will post pics.
can anyone tell me how or where i can get my hands on a series 2 Mazda RX7 (1/32) model kit?
Wayne all the parts came out of my bits box total cost £7.99 ,dont see any scx cars at that price ,but I see what you mean , for any one who doesnt have a large collection of spare parts it is cheaper not to build but its more satisfying to do so.
Have fun with the Porsche .
Hi Wayne,

Can't wait to see those pics of the finished projects, I myself am working on a RX-7 1/32 conversion at the mo.

The kit I bought was off a chap on who lived in Hong Kong for about £5-7 quid (with about £4 postage charge on top) - not bad at all!

Here is the address for his Ebay Store, I checked it but I can't see any Mazdas, but he may get some in soon, or email him direct (he is a bit slow in getting back to you thou!).

Good luck, oh what decals were you planning to use on the final car?

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Rob heres how Ive done the side winder ,just cut the rear axle posts out and make a slot for the gear then stick some bearings on the uprights to stop the axle falling out I just used a bit of thick plasticard with a 3/32 hole in,I used an old proslot spur gear and just glued the motor to the chassis pan ,I had to cut a bit of the strengthening webs away to clear the pinion and the end bell ,The motors a bit of a hybrid made up from an old oz race motor and a slotit v12,tyres and wheels are from the kit .As yet I haven't finalised magnet positions but I will probably stick one as near to the rear axle as I can and one just behind the guide.

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I am currently planning on not using decals on the porsche (or the others) I am one of the few if previouse discussions on this forum are a guide, Who likes street versions of cars. Thats the plan for the moment anyway but i am known for changing my mind.

Thanks for the info on the RX7 i have e-mailed the guy heres hoping he has some.

Cheers Wayneslot
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