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Currently a mix of Classic and sport (mostly classic) Scalextric. Which i find works great. unfortunatly this is not a permanant setup
due to a Lack of space

and time). When the she that must be obeyed and i move to a larger house in the summer (i currently live in Teesside work in Wilmslow 170 miles) and am home for longer than the weekend all my slot projects including a 3 lane routed track will move on in earnest.

I would be interested to know why people run the tracks they do.

I run a combination of classic and sport track as i have been collecting slots for almost 20 years and to replace all the classic track with sport track would be very expensive. I got the John cooper challenge set as a Christmas present so i could finnaly upgrade my controls and join the brakers. I have to say having the abilty to brake the car makes racing much more fun and controlled.

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