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QUOTE (TR6er @ 30 Dec 2003, 02:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>wayneslot,

I run Carrera track because I have enough space for a large permanent layout. I also like the deep slot and smooth surface. Carrera's width allows me to run 1/24 cars, which I do quite often. Also Carrera rails will not rust and are less magnetic so today's magnet cars do not feel as stuck down.


I use Carrera track for the same reasons but don't have room for a permanent layout. I find it the next best thing to running on wood because it is so smooth. I also have a Ninco/Scalex sport hybrid layout. This mix along with the Carrera allow for the deep guides that come on the Fly racers, Ninco lightened and Slot it cars.

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I replaced my Scaley Sport track with Ninco. Ninco is superb quality & goes together very nicely - electrical discontinuity & power drops are now a thing of the past - this is a good thing. However, compared to Sport, Ninco track surface is very, very grippy. Drifting & sliding round corners is now a thing of the past - this is a bad thing. Even Fly tyres have too much grip. The upside though is that Carrera cars work really well on Ninco - the weight & harder tyres suit the surface.

I'm wondering if painting will take the edge off the Ninco's grip & abrasion - anyone done this?

Cheers, HT

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I am governed by space
, money
and, the boss
so, I have to make the best of what I have. At the moment most of my track is a combination Scaley classic with various bits of SCX and Scaley sport.
There are two reasons for my choice of track, first is compatibilty with what I had to start with and, secondly because I didn't know much about what was available from the other manufacturers when I started adding to my scaley classic track sets (although I do now). Being a fan of rally slot racing, I find that the mixture of surfaces makes for good single lane rally circuits using loops at each end or an odd number of change overs.
I also have a Ninco set which, I am planning to expand on to build a semi permanent digital race circuit up in the loft.
I like the Ninco track very much, much more than any of the scaley track I've ever bought and, to be honest I am very reluctant to buy anything made by Scalextric ever again after the whole Sportworld fiasco
. What a waste of money that was!!!

I would like to build a routed wood track at some point in the future but, that will have to wait until I get my workshop built.
I am happy as long I get to race my slot cars, for me racing on different types of track just adds to the fun.
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