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QUOTE he overstepped the mark here and got himself a lifetime ban

he does have a habit of doing that. I think that banning is a little classier way of responding. On "the other forum", which I used to frequent before discovering SF...they just spent lots of energy beating him up. It got a little sad after awhile.

I was surprised to find (in your message above) that they changed their image to match this Forum. I left them when it was originally sold and the quality of the discussion and the thrust of the website (suddenly a little arrogant and hierarchical, and clearly mercantile) shifted. That they are "stealing with pride" from a successful site seems right in line.

your brief comments gave me the thought to consider whether I am glad to have shifted over to this site. And I am. I want to say how much I appreciate and enjoy this site, and how hard you guys (very notably Tropi) work to moderate it considerately and respectfully of everyone. This is a great site, IMHO...and I thank you very much for it!

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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