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The advice was not a case of what to do. Adrian will never tell you what you should do (unlike me!
). He simply advised on what I should be looking out for and taking those factors into account, which I didn't/hadn't. That is down to my inexperience with tuning cars for Ninco track. But I have learnt a lesson so thank you Adrian for your words of wisdom (which maybe I should keep to myself to give me a head start next time!

The basic ideas that I had were sound so it would not be accurate to suggest that my tuning set up was flawed. It was more a case of the set up not being suitable for the environment. Next time it will be!

Now bearing in mind that the cars are good on SPORT track it will be interesting to test them at Wrexham if you have "the power" Inte!


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QUOTE Anyway, I have not been too specific with my clues but there are two very clear factors that I did not consider that no one has touched apon yet.

I will spill the beans eventually.

OK moped, i think the guys who replied at the time have waited long enough, and i have now read this thread and am no wiser, so...
I think it is time to relinquish your dark secrets, that must have been haunting you for the last 18 months!!


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Zipp, you will have to ask him on another board - he overstepped the mark here and got himself a lifetime ban. The whys and wherefores are not up for discussion.

You can find him on that forum that's recently had the decorators in and ended up curiously similar in shade to SF - Slot Car Illustrated.

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QUOTE he overstepped the mark here and got himself a lifetime ban

he does have a habit of doing that. I think that banning is a little classier way of responding. On "the other forum", which I used to frequent before discovering SF...they just spent lots of energy beating him up. It got a little sad after awhile.

I was surprised to find (in your message above) that they changed their image to match this Forum. I left them when it was originally sold and the quality of the discussion and the thrust of the website (suddenly a little arrogant and hierarchical, and clearly mercantile) shifted. That they are "stealing with pride" from a successful site seems right in line.

your brief comments gave me the thought to consider whether I am glad to have shifted over to this site. And I am. I want to say how much I appreciate and enjoy this site, and how hard you guys (very notably Tropi) work to moderate it considerately and respectfully of everyone. This is a great site, IMHO...and I thank you very much for it!

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