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Do you ever see a time when you would visit a club on a regular basis or are you content with your home racing lifestyle?

I am currently content but I will be required to appear at local tracks (two or three hour drive). Some of us don't get options. I won't be a regular though.

What would it take to encourage you to go to a club on a regular basis?


Is it that clubs are too far away and open at the wrong time?

That and a few other things

What if there was a club less than 10 minutes drive away? Would you go each week then?

Depends on the track, power and the people

Or does it need to be within walking distance?

Nothing around here is within walking distance

Are club rules the thing that put you off, and all the fiddling that you have to do to prepare a club race car?

Club rules don't apply to me anyway. I run by stricter rules. In the local HO scene there were the club rules and then there were the Bill Rules. I expect the same with 1/32nd cars.

Or is it the regular costs of club membership?

This is usually low anyway and they supply the snacks so I can't complain there.

Or is it the basic environment that many clubs appear to have with little in the way of fascilities?

All I expect are a good track, clean power and decent atmospheric conditions. I bring anything I need.

Or is it that you hate being forced to take your turn at marshalling?

I rather enjoy marshalling. You get to see the cars and the track. You can learn where others lose ground and compensate when you're up.

Or all the waiting and hanging around for your go on the track?

No matter how much time I have it isn't enough. I spend a LOT of time working on other peoples cars. I also socialize a little or jump back in and marshall for someone else. People always have to tell me when it's my turn to race again.

If you want a goober like myself at your track you need to have a good track, good clean power, good visibility, temperature controlled enviroment, seating, rest rooms and snacks. Noise kept low, races kicked off on time and run smoothly. No cussing or yelling, no hissy fits. Little kids should be restrained but should also get a shot at playing with the toy cars too. Tables to work on cars is nice too, along with good lighting.

When I play with my toy cars publically I fully expect to have to set my stuff aside to work on other peoples stuff. This doesn't bother me at all, even if one of my own cars is broken I'll work on someone elses to make sure they get a shot at competing. I do this for a few different reasons. One of which is my ego. I know perfectly well I'll stomp you on the track so I should at least give you a chance
I also hope that by setting a decent example that you will help others too. My primary reason for racing toy cars is to spend time with my friends. The toys are secondary.

I'm a typaholic today.
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