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HA hA!! I am a home racer at the moment.

I love cars and the model car racing hobby but have only visited a twice in my entire life.

Strangely enough, I do not thrill at the 1/24 wing thingies and doubt if I would be interested in even watching. I visited a club in Washington and looked in through the window as it was closed. I saw dirty, old carpet, pink tires, Flexi-this and flexi-that, very dark decor with old wood paneling from the 70s...Again it was closed.

I visited another track in Oregon. Again peering through the windows as the place was just about to close. And you guessed it: 1/24 winged wizzy things. Decor was decent, though.

I am confused by what fits on what out there as there are so many components.

I would imagine waiting your turn would be terrible.

If some spot was open for lunch with regular rounds lasting Xminutes with like vehicles that would be great...kind of like my going to the go cart track to rent the buggies at $14 for 12 minutes.

I don't want to HAVE to join a particular club to have fun. I'd like to be able to sign up for stuff and pay as I go as long as I met the entry requirements. I don't want somebody calling me necessarily.

Also, if there were others whom I knew well who had the same interest (like a bunch of guys getting together for a basketball pickup game vs. your buddies) that would be good.

If the place was neat and clean (clean bathroom) and I didn't have to drive more than 15 minutes to get there that would be cool.

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