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Gary Skipp
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The walking distance question is silly.

Anyone with their own equipment (which surely everyone here has) wouldn't want to haul it around on foot.


I know you said 'home racers only' but I here are my opinions.

I want to race at clubs for competition.

To go regularly I would have to enjoy myself.

A club for me would have to be within a 40 minute car jourrney at open at times I can get a lift there (weekends). If it werent for the very kind Goeff (geebee) then I'd be doomed to the saturday morning free-for-all.

Rules are rules, a new member isn't going to change them. I suppose I wouldn't join the club if it had rules I was uncomfortable with. That said, I'd give them a go a few times to see if they were actually allright. I think anyone should give something a go at least once.

I never thought about the cost of membership when 'on trial' at Phoenix, so I can't answer this question. It just didnt enter my head.

I guess the club would have to be pretty good. Not just some 4 lane track in a shed with no scenery and stuff. Thats just me though. If your going to pay, then you may aswell pay for stuff you dont get everyday at home. Also for me a club would need a loo and have snacksor be near a newsagents.

Marshallings part of the game. No club could run without marshalling (unless it was crash and burn) so I'd be prepared to do my fair share. In hindsight, marshalling at phoenix has helped me learn the track a lot better, its much different when your close to it compared to when your on the rostrum.

If the atmoshphere is enjoyable then waiting isn't a problem. Theres always people to talk to, cars to prepare and marshalling to be done.
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