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What you racing?

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Hi guys (Ben),

I'm looking at coming along again to see how things are shaping up? Just wondering what classes you guys race now? Do you still have club cars available? I do have a Porsche 911 back at mum's so can't bring it tonight
What time are your doors open from?

PS is that woman with the beard still serving tea? She so worries me

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Yeah club cars are always available...

We are mainly racing super resistants as they tend to be faster than their high detail stablemates but we accept all saloon cars... NO F1 and NO LM prototypes as they are so much faster than the standard cars although as we get the new software up and running new race classes will be added...

£2 for a racer £2.50 for a family includes a loan car if required racing starts at 6 and normally wraps up by 8... Lingwood village hall which is at the bottom end of station road...

hope to see ya there, UFO normally lands about 5:15...
Cheers Sean. I will be over tonight but wont be there for the alien invasion

Please book me in just incase Im late but the girlfriend says Im always early
(Don't know what she means)
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