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Hi all,

With sooo many choices and a decent collection of stocklists within the Toronto area, I have taken the opposite tack.

I use a "see it first" policy. I believe its the manufacturer's job to ensure decent distribution and I enjoy looking at the boxes, seeing my choices side by side, comparing prices, finding the odd sale item.

Luckily two shops with decent stock are within a 2 minute walk from my house, two other suburban shops are near one of my clients who I see at least every two weeks (and then drop in after my meeting!) and the one mega slots palce, Raceworld, gets a monthly visit.

I'm still catching up on my 2003 list!

2004 ought to see a few make it into my collection...

For sure, 2 Ninco 934s (Jagger and Vaillant liveries), a Slot-It Audi R8C (Le Mans Race livery) and a Slot-It NewMan Porsche 962.

The maybe list is way too long!

Cheers, ken
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