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I imagine the same applies to the Fly Lancia 037...

Fly enthusiast here

These are on the shortlist - usually preorder when the car is imminent...

Fly Daytona's
Ditto Fly BMW's
Fly GT40 - The one with the totty printed... lol I know, I know...
MRRC Porsche 935/Any Celica livery
Carrera Ford Torino cos' it looks huuuuge... heh
SCX Lancia Integrale - Good sales may encourage SCX to release a Martini livery, didn't Sainz drive one?
Scalextric, Don't usually preorder as cars are easily come by, having said that; the only exception is if it happens to be a UK spec Ltd edition (Red Bull Dallara)
Autoart Lamborghini Muira & Countach, as soon as I get wind of these and the expected release date will place an order.
Exoto as per Russell's post, a 1/32 Tyrell P34 or a possible Donahue 917...

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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