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"To pre order or not to pre order,that is the question or willI ever get that bloody slot car?"

To a certain degree I agree with Thomas. It`s very hard to budget your car spending when the releases are so erratic. I`ve been caught out by the no cars this month and then next...they all arrive together! More back door smuggling to avoid the Mrs ( no Int not that kinda back door smugglin`, calm down!).

One reason for the lack of Fly pre orders could be due to the huge price differential between retailers? I`m not going to pre order Fly from the usual suspects because I`m going to feel stupid when the same car is available for a tenner less?Tthe problem with this is with limited numbers, you may not get the car in the end at all. Sean received only 50% of his Lancia order from Team Slot.

Maybe there should be some kind of collectors club, bit like the book clubs I belong to along with half the planet? Car of the month plus discounted cars in a little glossy booklet to choose from. Tick the box if you want the latest car but there is always a back catalogue aimed at those interested? The good part about that is my Mrs is used to me saying "oh no I forgot to send the order form back and look they automaticaly sent me the book....long way to the post office to return it, best I keep it Dear, may be valuable in the future!"
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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