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A few points have popped up at me in recent topics.
Here's the first.

What's in a name?
"Hornby" or "Scalextric"?
"Scalextric" is the legendary brand name associated with these cars, not Hornby.
So why are some people now constantly referring to them as Hornby?
Is this a new make of slot car?
Do shops sell them under the Hornby name?
If you enquired of an average toy shop as to whether they sold Hornby cars, what would be the likely answer?

These days, the display packaging has "Scalextric" boldly emblazoned all over it, in colour (plus a single very small print line "Designed and imported by Hornby Hobbies Ltd").
The plinth on which the car rests also has the same bold colour "Scalextric" logo.
But what is moulded into the underside of the car's chassis?

Is this the prelude to the famous "Scalextric" brand name being abandoned,
abject surrender to the Spanish upstarts?

Hornby or Scalextric?
Which rings YOUR bell the loudest?
Which name would attract the most public interest in the slot car market of the future?
Perhaps, in an end to ongoing confusion, Hornby SHOULD abandon the Scalextric name to Spanish SCX?
(Will there even BE an SCX after the digital wars are over?)

Is it a good idea to clearly segregate the rather old fashioned sounding Hornby trains name from the rip-roaring, racing, up-to-the-minute Scalextric brand?
What do YOU think?
Perhaps someone would like to start a poll on which brand name the Margate missiles should carry into the future?

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I hold my hand up as guilty party!

I say Hornby for Scvalextric and SCX for 'that spanish company'.

Avoids confusion in my own mind distinguishing between the two (especially when talking to non-hobbyists) and also plays down the use of the word 'scalextric' as a generic term.


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I think Hornby put "Hornby" on the car chassis to permit the car to be imported into Spain and all global markets without the need for any further work. Only the packaging needs to be changed then for those markets where Hornby are unable to use the "Scalextric" brand and this can be done locally by the distributer.

Spanish Scalextric really only have the option of using "Scalextric" on the chassis in Spain although they also put "Techi-Toy" on the motor. Hornby of course put "SPORT" on certain motors.

Spanish Scalextric do have to go to the trouble of creating seperate chassis molds with "SCX" on the bottom for export markets.

Does anybody here seriously believe that Hornby are about to abandon the "Scalextric" branding?

Hornby do appear to be pushing the "SPORT" brand along for the moment possibly to distinguish "New Scalextric post 2002" from "Old Scalextric pre 2001".

In terms of Slotforum I too use both Hornby and Scalextric, but only really to prevent overuse of "Scalextric" which some folk here accuse me of!


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I don't understand people calling it Hornby...they are the manufactuer and Scalextric is the brand that it is sold under.

It is like going to the supermarket and saying that you are going to buy Coca-Cola instead of calling the drink Fanta. Same company, diferent brand and product.


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just had ordered t-shirts with NORTH STAFFS SCALEXTRIC RACING CLUB printed on them
have got to have them changed???????????"

And there in lies the problem.

Doing promotions for the NSCC involves writing articles for non Slot Car magazines and publications. Start the article, i collect Slot Cars and people have not got a clue what your on about. Start the article i collect Scalextric cars - " oh yes i used to have those when i was a kid........"

Do you have to change your T-shirts? Ask Hornby, probably not, but the NSCC used to be called "The National Scalextric Collectors Club" we were asked/told to remove the word Scalextic, quite a while back now, but interesting.

I tend to use Hornby and Tecniotys to reduce any misunderstanding (generally when talking about Spanish cars).


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well jexy1
for about 18 years we have been known as north staffs scalextric racing club and no one has complained, at the time there was only scalextric about
but i was only joking over the t-shirt's there are polo shirts
we had N.S.S.R.C put on them
so we could be called north staffs slot racing club
but we tend to call our selfs "scalextric racing club"so poeple know what we do
but if push came to shove we would/could change
you would think they would want free publicity?
but then again not many of our members now race scalextric

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I think everyone knows Scalextric as it has been a name that has been around for so long now. Its more product name knowledge than anything else, i mean who would know Fly or Ninco were if all they had ever seen was a Scalextric car........

But you could ask some collectors nowadays who Triang were (Line Brothers) and before they owned Scalextric, Mini Models (Startex and Scalex)
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